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Last modified at 7/28/2022 9:43 AM by Jennifer Johnson

Island County Lakes

For current status of Island County public lakes, go to the WA State Toxic Algae page here.

  • Cranberry Lake, Oak Harbor WA
  • Goss Lake, Langley WA
  • Lone Lake, Langley WA
  • Deer Lake, Clinton WA

Lake Closures Policy is based on state guidelines set in June of 2021 (CLICK HERE) which requires local health jurisdictions to post a WARNING when microcystin levels are 8 μg/L or higher, anatoxin-a levels are 1 μg/L or higher, cylindrospermopsin levels are 15 μg/L or higher, and/or saxitoxin levels are 75 μg/L or higher. A lake CLOSURE is required when toxin concentrations are extremely high (> 2,000 μg/L microcystins or > 300 μg/L anatoxin-a) or if pet illnesses/death or human symptoms are reported. 

LAKE STATUS (From NWtoxicalgae.org map)