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Water Resource Advisory Committee


The mission of the Water Resource Advisory Committee (WRAC) is to ensure that the water resources of Island County are managed and protected in such a way as to ensure sustainable use, while protecting habitat, environmental and human health.
There are twelve members on the Water Resource Advisory Committee;  Three for each of the County's distinct geographical areas - North Whidbey, Central/South Whidbey, and Camano Island and there are three at large members. The WRAC focuses on water resource interests of Groundwater, Stormwater, and Watershed Management.

The Water Resource Advisory Committee was formed by the Board of Island County Commissioners in 1999 to address water resource planning and management.  The WRAC was created by sunsetting three previous citizen advisory committees: The Groundwater Advisory Committee, the Stormwater Advisory Committee, and the North Whidbey Watershed Management Advisory Committee.  With many of the committees issues overlapping, Island County and the Department of Ecology recognized the need to approach water resource protection on a comprehensive basis. 


WRAC Members and term expiration dates:  


DISTRICT 1 (South/Central Whidbey) 

  • Tom Fox - 5/17/2020

  • Don Lee, Co-Chair -5/17/2021 

  • John Lovie - 5/17/2022  

DISTRICT 2 (North Whidbey)

  • Maddie Rose - 5/17/2020

  • Al Williams - 5/17/2022 

  • Dave Thomas - 5/17/2022

DISTRICT 3 (Camano Island) 

  • Julius Budos, Co-Chair - 5/17/2022


  • Dave Brubaker- 5/17/2022


  • Robert Boehm- 5/17/2021

  • Joseph Grogan- 5/17/2021






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