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Residential Burning Permit

Residential Burning Permit Fees:  $40 (3-day permit)
Permits can be obtained Monday through Friday (8:00am - 3:00pm) at the Public Health Department in Coupeville or Camano Island. The following conditions need to be met:
  • Fires must not exceed 10 feet in diameter X 10 feet high.
  • A shovel or rake must be on site.
  • For piles over 10 feet x 10 feet—a land clearing permit is required.
  • Water must be on site:
  • Fires less than 4 feet must have a charged garden hose capable of reaching the fire or 10 gallons of water and a bucket.
  • Fires 4–10 feet must have a charged garden hose or a 55–gallon water source with a pump and enough hose capable of reaching the fire.
  • One person age 16 or older who is capable of putting the fire out must be in attendance at all times and must have a method to call 911 if needed.
  • Only one pile may be burned at a time, and each pile must be extinguished before lighting another.
  • Do not burn during periods of air stagnation.
  • All fires must be contained within a firebreak (bare ground).
  • The firebreak must equal the size of the pile.
  • The fire must be 50 feet from any structure, standing timber or power lines.
  • The landowner’s permission must be obtained if not on your property. ​​​

Small Residential Burning: (no-cost)

For residential fires smaller then 4' x 4', call​ the Information Hotline at (360) 240-5526 to listen to required​ conditions.  This is considered a verbal permit.