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Island County > Public Health > Environmental Health > Drinking Water > Group B Water System (3 to 14 Connections)

Group B Water System

Island County Public Health approves Group B public water systems for drinking water sources.  Group B Water Systems have 3 to 14 service connections.  Well site inspections must be performed Public Health staff before the well site can be approved.   Public water systems must meet requirements for location, source adequacy, system design and construction, initial testing and on-going monitoring and maintenance.

For Group B water systems with 3 to 14 connections, Public Health staff reviews well site approval, water system design packets, informational materials for operation and maintenance, water conservation methods, legal agreements, management contracts and completes inspection of system installation.  In addition, staff issues water availability verification for building & sewage permits. 

After systems are established, the drinking water program administers and enforces drinking water quality standards for Group B water systems with 3 to 14 connections. This is accomplished through water quality monitoring and system operation.

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