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IslandCounty Assessor

Food Safety Program


The CDC estimates 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases each year in the United States. Surveillance systems and surveys provide vital information but they do not capture every illness due to the small fraction of illnesses that are diagnosed and reported.

Island County Public Health's Food Safety Program works to ensure the provision of the safe food served in food establishments within the county. Our mission is to protect and promote the health and well-being of Island County's residents and visitors. We accomplish this with professionalism, integrity and fairness through education and regulations in food safety, disease prevention, environmental sanitation and emergency response.

In addition to permitting and performing routine inspections of retail food establishments, our food safety staff prevent food-borne illness by:

  • Investigating reported foodborne illnesses
  • Investigating complaints about unsanitary conditions
  • Consulting with individuals currently operating or wanting to start a food business
  • Educating industry and the public about safe food handling


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Effective Jan 1st 2022

Notice: Public Health Front Counters Will Cease All FInancial Transations at 4:00PM Daily

Department of Ecology Plastic Laws are going into effect starting Jan 1st 2022:

For more information on the phasing of the 2021 plastic laws visit: 2021 Plastic Laws

Revised Washington Administrative Code 246-215 effective March 1st 2022

Food Establishment License

A Food Establishment is an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, and vends food directly or indirectly through a delivery service to the consumer or otherwise provides food for human consumption. This includes but not limited to: restaurants, catering operations, satellite or catered feeding locations, commissary kitchens, food-carts and/or mobile-units.

For information on manufacturing, wholesaling, or for the cottage food industry licenses, please visit the Washington State Department of Agriculture website:https://agr.wa.gov/departments/food-safety/food-safety.


Prior to opening a new food establishment or making changes to an existing food establishment in Island County, the Washington Administrative Code 246-215 requires plans to be reviewed and approved by Island County Public Health. This review process will help ensure your plans and equipment meet state and local health requirements. Failure to undergo plan review process prior to changes may delay or halt construction and/or can result in the closure of your food establishment.

Temporary Food Establishment Permits

A temporary food establishment is a food establishment operating at a fixed location, with a fixed menu, for not more than twenty-one consecutive days or not more than three days a week in conjunction with an approved single (i.e. fair or festival) or reoccurring (i.e. farmers market) event, respectively.

Food Safety Information & Other Resources

For general food information, please call the Food  Program at (360) 679-7350 or visit our office at: 1 NE Sixth Street, Coupeville, WA 98239.

Island County Public Health Food Safety Program Industry Tools:
​DOH State Food Safety Program
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