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​Food Worker Card

The Washington State Food and Beverage Service Workers permit, also known as a Food Worker Card, is required in Washington State for workers that serve food to the public. All food workers are required to have a valid Washington State Food Worker Card within 14 days of employment in a food establishment.  

The food worker card training and exam is available on-line 24 hours a day at www.foodworkercardwa.gov

Registration will require your name, birthdate, e-mail address, and zip code. Allow at least 45 minutes to watch the video and take the exam. If you need to stop and continue the video later or if you are renewing your card, click on returning user. Testing is available in multiple languages. The exam costs $10, payable online with a credit card. If you do not have access to a personal computer, we recommend that you try a public library.

Please note: Obtaining a Food Worker Card alone does not allow you to sell foods to the public. You'll still need to obtain a food establishment permit/license.

Helpful Resources

Washington State Department of Health - Food Worker Manual


Certified Food Protection Manager

Most food establishments (Risk Level 2 or 3) are required to have at least one employee with a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certificate. The CFPM does not need to be on premises but is expected to have a key role in ensuring food safety. The CFPM must make sure managers are properly trained, procedures are developed, and food safety requirements are understood and followed. If able to ensure requirements are met, a person may be the CFPM for multiple establishments, such as at a restaurant or store with several locations.

Certification may be obtained through one of the following accredited programs:

ServSafeState Food Safety/Above Training
National Registry of Food Safety ProfessionalsLearn 2 Serve/360 Training
Always Food SafeAAA Food Handler
Responsible Training


Helpful Resources

Conference for Food Protection - Information for Individuals Seeking Certification


Active Managerial Control Job Aids

Island County has developed the job aids below to assist permit holders with implementing a food safety management plan for their operation. Job aids include sample standard operating procedures which can be edited based on your operations. Printable signs, handouts, and cards can be used to supplement training activities.

Sample Food Safety Management Plan

·         Food Safety Management Plan


Sample Standard Operating Procedures

·         Employee Training·         Purchasing
·         Employee Health·         Receiving
·         Vomiting & Diarrheal Cleanup·         Storage
·         Personal Hygiene·         Thawing
·         Hand Washing & Glove Use
·         Preparation
·         Washing Produce·         Cooking & Reheating
·         Date Marking·         Hot Holding
·         Cleaning & Sanitizing·         Cooling
·         Chemical Safety·         Time as a Control
·         Integrated Pest Management·         Service
·         Preventive Maintenance·         Transport


Sample Logs

·         Refrigeration Log·         Pest Sighting Log
·         Cooking Log·         Chemical Log
·         Hot Holding Log·         Preventive Maintenance Log
·         Food Transport Log·         Cooling Log
·         Time Alone as a Control Log·         Employee Illness Log
·         Sanitizer Concentration Log·         Thermometer Calibration Log
·         Dish Machine Log
·         Time Alone as a Control (alternate version)


Signs & Handouts

Print for posting or training notebook.

·         Employee Illness Reporting·         Proper Dish Washing
·         Proper Hand Washing·         Proper Sanitizer Use
·         Proper Glove Use·         Proper Cold Holding
·         Minimum Cooking Temperatures·         Proper Hot Holding
·         Proper Reheating·         Temperature Danger Zone
·         Proper Cooling·         Prevent Time–Temperature Abuse
·         Proper Cooling Methods·         Prevent Cross Contamination


At A Glance Cards

Print on business size cards.

·         Reportable Illness Symptoms·         Critical Temperatures
·         How to Wash Hands
·         Cooling
·         When to Wash Hands
·         Food Storage