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Groundwater Data Details


The most common data request involves specifying a search center (typically a parcel or a well) and a search radius (1/2 mile radius is common).  The following data products are available for any given search:

  • A tabular listing (.pdf format) of information for wells within search radius.  Includes distances / directions from search center, owner names, construction dates, driller name, casing diameters, well depths, land surface elevations, bottom hole elevations, water level elevations, maximum (pumping rates, chloride, nitrate and arsenic concentrations).
  • A tabular listing (.xlsx format flat file) as above, but suitable for importing into other applications.
  • A map (jpg image) of well locations (non-interactive).
  • A 2D google-earth map (.kmz) of well locations.  This type of map is interactive, users can click on wells to get more information regarding the well including links to well logs and chemistry for each well. Users can also can zoom, pan etc. 
  • A total depth elevation analysis (TDE), identifies elevations of primary aquifers in the search area.  With this information, and an estimate of land surface elevation of a proposed well site, the user can estimate how deep they will need to drill to tap into the aquifer (estimated well depth = land surface elevation - aquifer elevation).
  • A stratigraphic 'stick diagram' (jpg image, non-interactive) showing color-coded stratigraphy of wells in the search area.
  • A 3D google-earth map showing well stratigraphy for wells in search area (interactive).  Stratigraphy from each well can be clicked on to view the drillers descriptions.
  • Chloride vs electrical conductivity plot for wells within search area.  This is sometimes useful for differentiating hard-water vs. seawater intrusion chloride sources.
  • A Piper (trilinear) diagram showing combined water quality analysis for all wells within the search area (for wells with requisite chemical analysis). 

Please contact the Island County Hydrogeologist to request groundwater data.

Disclaimer:  Data has been collected from a variety of  sources.  Island County makes no guarantee as to the validity or accuracy of this data.  Please report any errors to the Island County Hydrogeologist.​