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​Island County Groundwater Publications


The following documents pertain to groundwater resources of Island County, sorted by date

Wa029, 1958, A.O. NESS, C.G. R​ICHINS

1958 Soil Survey of Island County, Washington​

see also 2008 and Current (web app) surveys.

WSB25, 1968, D.J. ​Easterbrook, H.W. Anderson

Pleistocene Stratigraphy of Island County and Groundwater-Resources of Island County.​

Part I: Plate 1

Part II: Plate 1​, Plate 2Plate 3, Plate 4, Table 1

USGS OFR 82-561, 1982, D.R. Cline, M.A. Jones, etal.

Preliminary Survey of Ground-Water Resources for Island County, Washington

USGS WRIR 85-4046, 1985, M.A. Jones

Occurrence of Ground Water and Potential for Seawater Intrusion, Island County, Washington - Plate 1

Plate 2

Plate 3

Plate 4

Plate 5

Plate 6

USGS WRIR 87-4182, 1988, D.B. Sapik, G.C. Bortleson etal

Ground-Water Resources and Simulation of Flow in Aquifers Containing Freshwater and Seawater, Island County, Washington

IC CWSP, 1990, IC Planning & Community Development

Island County Coordinated Water System Plan

Island County Coordinated Water System Plan Appendices

IC GWMP, 1992, IC Groundwater Advisory Committee 

Island County Groundwater Management Program

Island County Groundwater Management Program Appendix

DOE 12-03-220, 1997, R. Hallbauer

Island County Nitrate Study​​

USGS WRIR 03-4101, 2003, S.S. Sumioka, H.H. Bauer

Estimating Ground-Water Recharge from Precipitation on Whidbey and Camano Islands, Island County, Washington, Water Years 1998 and 1999

Information (topic papers) developed as part of the Island County Waters​​hed Planning process can be found here:

Seawater Intrusion Topic Paper

Groundwater Recharge Top​​​​​​ic Paper

Exempt Wells Topic Paper

Water Rights Topic Paper

Water Supply AlternativesTopic Paper

​​The full Watershed Plan, and other watershed planning documents can be found HERE

2008 Soil survey of Island County, Washington.  United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

​​​2008 Soil Survey of Island County, Washington

see also 1958 and Current (web app) surveys.

DOE Publication 11-11-011, Revised 11/2016

Focus on Water Availability, Island Watershed WRIA 6

The Following Reference Documents Generally Pertain (but not specifically) to Groundwater Resources of Island County.

WSB32, 1971, K.J. Walters

​Reconnaissance of Sea-Water Intrusion Along Coastal Washington, 1966-68 

WSB56, 1984, N.P . Dion, S.S. Sumioka

EPA 171-R-92-027, 1992, E.B. Tibbott

USGS Circular 1139, 1998, T.C. Winter, J.W. Harvey, etal

USGS PP 1424-D, 1998, A.J. Vaccaro, A.J. Hansen Jr., M.A. Jones

USGS Circular 1186, 1999, W.M. Alley, T.E. Reilly, O.L. Franke

USGS PP 1424-C, 1999, Jones, M. A.

Preparing for a Changing Climate, 2012, Washington Department of Ecology

Department of Ecology Water Right Information

Landowners Guide to Washington State Water Rights

The Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, 2015. 


The following information, although not directly related to Island County groundwater,  may be of interest to those who have wandered this far down this page.

Island County is located in an area that tends to have elevated levels of n​aturally occurring arsenic in groundwater.  The following link takes you to a USEPA fact sheet that discusses arsenic in drinking water:

The following link takes you to a document developed by the Washington Stat​e Dept of Health that discusses arsenic in private wells.

The following link takes you to a page developed by the Dartmouth Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program that discusses arsenic in private wells.

Arsenic and You

Island County is located in an area that tends to have elevated levels of n​aturally occurring iron in groundwater.  This can lead to wells having issues with iron bacteria.  The following links discuss iron (manganese and sulfur) bacteria  in wells:

Iron Bacteria in Well Water (University of Georgia Extension) VERY Detailed!

Iron Bacteria in Wells (Minnesota Dept of Health)

Many residents of Island County move here from areas where large public water systems provided water to them.  These residents find themselves now owning their own wells, and some may be looking for information on how to properly manage and maintain these wells.  For those people, the following is an excellent source of highly detailed  (and FREE!) information:


Another site with lots of information regarding well ownership:

Well Care Hotline


For some tips about owning your own well, the USEPA has the following:

If you'd like to disinfect your well / plumbing, the following provides instructions on how to do it:

If you'd like to measure the water level in your well, the following provides instructions on how to do it:

note:  This document was produced by the Oregon Water Resources Department; links within the document are for the State of Oregon.  You can find Washington State well log information from the Washington State Dept.​ of Ecology or from Island County.  

A report by the Groundwater Protection Council that discusses groundwater and the associated risks: 

GWPC Ground Water Report to the Nation


Island County is located in an area that is at risk for earthquakes.  The following web site provides good factual information regarding the risks:  Cascadia Region Earthquakes Workgroup (CREW)

Earthquake Information​

A discussion of more local earthquake hazards can be found here:

Earthquakes: An Everyday Threat in Island County


Some areas of Island County are prone to landslides.  The Washington Geological Survey has published a homeowners guide to landslides, more information can be found here:

WA DNR has a web page devoted to natural disasters and emergency preparedness:

Emerge​ncy Prepardness

Island County Department of Emergency Management also has information available concerning emergency preparedness:

Washington State Law (WAC 173-160-171.3.b.vi) prohibits the drilling of wells within 1000 feet of a Landfill.  The following maps show the locations of Landfill Setbacks in Island County (areas in red).  Wells should not be drilled within these areas unless a variance is obtained from the Washington Department of Ecology. 

Click Here to view landfill location map (PDF).

or Click Here to view landfill location map (Google Earth).

Click Here to view a 1986 report regarding landfills in Island County