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IslandCounty Assessor


NOTE:  Doug Kelly (Hydrogeologist) has retired effective 3/31/21.  Efforts are underway to hire his replacement but in the iterim there may be some delay / interruption in those services that this position supports. 

The Hydrogeology program ​works to understand the complex groundwater system that serves as the primary source of drinking water for county residents.  This understanding is accomplished by evaluating rainfall, water well and groundwater chemistry data using computer models and other analysis tools.  Additionally, all land-use projects that have a potential to impact the quality or quantity of groundwater are reviewed to ensure the protection of clean, reliable sources of drinking water for all residents of Island County.  Staff also serve as data stewards for the significant number of requests received from state and local agencies and community members.  Education is a key component of the Hydrogeology program.

Program outcomes include protection of drinking water sources from potential intrusion of seawater, protection of drinking water sources from potential contamination, and sound groundwater resource management.  72% of all Island County residents rely upon groundwater as a drinking water source.  All county residents share the responsibility to keep our groundwater resources safe.