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Food Safety Program

*By May 31st 2021, all food stafety related documents will be located on the Food Safety Program's website.

Opening a Food Establishment Brochure
Food Establishment Application
Instructions for Temporary Food Establishment 
Temporary Food Establishment Application
Temporary Food Establishment Brochure
Temporary Food Establishment Self-Checklist
Commissary Agreement
Farmer's Market Application
Drinking Water Program

Water Availability Verification (Public WS)
Water Availability Verification (Individual Well)
Application for Well Site Inspection
Restrictive Covenant
Declaration of Covenant 
Two Party Water System Guide For Approval
Group B Water System Guide for Approval
Certification of Inspection and Installation
Water Conservation Guidelines
Water System Application
Satellite Management Agencies (SMA's)
List of Recent Well Drillers

Onsite Sewage (Septic) Program

Homeowner Evaluation Form
Homebuyer's Guide to Septic Systems
Licensed Maintenance Service Providers (MSP)
Licensed Septic Installers
​Licensed Septic Tank Pumpers
On-Site Wastewater Designers
Application for Site Evaluation Form
Abandonment of Sewage Tanks
Landscaping Your Drainfield
Septic System Deficiencies Explained
Get to know your:
Land Use Program

Plat Approval Requirements for Drinking Water
Plat Approval Requirements for Sewage Disposal

Living Environments

Animal Bite Report

Outdoor Burn Program

Burn Permit Application