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All illegal dumping and garbage complaints are investigated by Public Health staff.  When submitting an illegal dumping or garbage complaint to Public Health, please include the following information: 
  1. Provide the property owner's name of the improperly stored garbage, or the name of the individual who is illegally dumping; if known
  2. Provide specific details regarding the complaint
  3. Provide the date when the violation first occurred; if known
  4. Provide the address of the property to be investigated
  5. Provide your name and a daytime contact number.  Island County staff may contact you with additional questions.  Complaints may be submitted confidentially. 
If a location is in violation of Island County Code 8.08B, staff will work with the landowner for voluntary compliance.  If voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, Island County Public Health has the authority to enforce code compliance.  During illegal dumping and garbage complaint enforcement, Public Health places priority on the clean-up of household garbage since it may contain putrescible (rotting/decaying) waste and it has a tendency to attract vectors (rodents and flies).  Garbage includes animal and vegetable wastes.
Island County Community Development and Planning handle enforcement on all code violations.  To report a code violation regarding junk on a property, accumulations of wood, inoperable cars, car parts, appliances, and furniture, please call (360) 679-7339.  If you have a concern within the city limits of Oak Harbor, Coupeville, or Langley, please contact your local City government.