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IslandCounty Assessor

Living with Wildlife    

​Island County has an abundance of wildlife.  Raccoons, skunks, foxes, ​bats, and many ​more.  Although unlikely, some of these animals may carry rabies.  To reduce the risk of rabies exposure for your family and yourself, follow these easy tips below.

  • Do not handle wild animals, especially bats.
  • Teach your children never to touch or handle bats, even dead ones.  Have your children tell an adult if they find a bat at home, at school, or with a pet.
  • If you see a wild animal, leave it alone.  
  • Do not keep wild animals as pets.
  • Keep bats out of your living space by "bat proofing" your home.
  • Pets may get rabies if bitten by a rabid animal.  Protect them and yourself by getting them vaccinated routinely​.  Dogs, cats, and ferrets are required to be vaccinated in Washington State.