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Homeowner Septic Training (HOST)


Whether you are the first-time owner of a home served by onsite septic or would like to become certified to perform inspections for the system serving your primary residence, the Island County HOST program is your one-stop resource for the care, inspection, and maintenance of your onsite septic system.

HOST 101- Informational Only

The HOST GUIDE is a concise reference for conventional gravity and conventional pressure distribution onsite septic systems.  The guide provides homeowners with an understanding of their onsite septic systems and best practices for operation and maintenance.  The Washington State Department of Health has provided an INTRODUCTORY VIDEO outlining the basics on onsite septic systems for the homeowner.

HOST 201- Certification Class

In Island County, homeowners may complete a self-study course in homeowner septic system evaluation and pass a knowledge assessment to become certified to inspect their OSS. Septic system inspections are required every 1-3 years, depending upon system type.  Certification is limited to primary resident-owners of gravity and conventional pressure systems and excludes alternative systems and properties adjacent to shoreline and sensitive areas.