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Island County > Human Services > Behavioral Health > Outreach Mental Health Counseling

Outreach Behavioral Health Services

Outreach Behavioral Health Services is a program of Island County Human Services. These services are available to all individuals and family members residing in Island County regardless of ability to pay or funding source. Outreach Behavioral Health Services are intended to stabilize clients in the least restrictive manner possible.  Services are matched to each person’s need and the severity of the crisis.


Services are for those who are at risk for a preventable visit to the hospital emergency department or for calling 9-1-1; either because they do not know how to access the appropriate help or resources or have not accessed or refused the appropriate help.

The program includes:

  • Telephone based crisis assessment and support.
  • Telephone consultation and support for individuals and family members.
  • Referrals to a variety of services and supports to respond to client’s needs.
  • Counseling sessions in the client’s home, a community setting or in the Human  Services offices.
  • Consultations to law enforcement and other community providers.

Referrals Made Easy

     1.  Complete a Referral Form and fax or email the form to the team. Or, call the intake line at:  (360) 678-2346.

     2.  Case will be assigned to a clinician.

     3.  Clinician will attempt to make contact and schedule client for first session.

Note: Outreach Behavioral Health Services are designed to integrate with Involuntary Treatment Investigation Services. If a client is thought to be a danger to self, others, property or to be gravely disabled as a result of an acute mental disorder, an evaluation will be done by the County Designated Crisis Responder (DCR).