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Early Childhood Behavioral Health Support

COVID-19 Information

We understand recent closures and mandates for social distancing can have an impact on you and your family. If you are feeling anxious, scared, or are in need of resources related to mental health, please call the Island County Mental Health line at:


Monday-Friday 10am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday 9am – 5pm

Tips for parents:

  1. Remain calm and reassuring: If true, emphasize to your children that they and your family are fine.
  2. Make yourself available: Let your children talk and give them plenty of time and attention.
  3. Talk to children in language they can understand: The CDC suggests telling children that, from what doctors have seen so far, most kids aren't getting very sick. In fact, most people who have gotten COVID-19 haven't gotten very sick. Only a small group have had serious problems. Keep the conversation going. Make time to check in regularly as the situation develops. Take cues from your child if they become afraid or overwhelmed offer comfort. If you need help, seek professional health.
  4. Avoid language that stigmatizes or assigns blame: Remind children that viruses can make anyone sick, regardless of a person's race, ethnicity or national origin.
  5. Monitor television viewing and social media: Try to limit children's exposure to media and talk about what they're seeing. Use only reliable sources of information.
  6. Maintain healthy behaviors and household routines: Serve nutritious meals, encourage adequate sleep and exercise, and maintain household routines to the extent possible.
  7. Teach strategies to prevent infection: Remind children to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or the length of two "Happy Birthday" songs) when they come in from outside, before they eat, and after blowing their nose, coughing, sneezing or using the bathroom.
  8. Find more info: http://bit.ly/COVID19-TipsForParents


The Early Childhood Behavioral Health Support Program seeks to meet the needs of Island County parents and caregivers and their Birth to Five-Year-Olds, as they work to create healthy environments for optimal social and emotional growth and development.

Services provided are:

- In home visitation for families with Birth to Five-Year-Old children, focused on promoting attachment and early nurturing relationships.

- Prenatal and postnatal visitation and support, especially for young isolated or at-risk parents or caregivers.

- One-on-one Parent Coaching to address individual concerns, increase parenting confidence, and encourage capacities for future parenting.

- Areas addressed may include any aspect of children's social-emotional development including challenging behaviors, developmental milestones, or daily routines.

Any Island County resident who is requesting or seeking help in their role as a parent can receive services.  Parents and caregivers do not need to qualify based on any screening, diagnosis, or professional referral.  A special focus will be placed on those who may not qualify for already existing community resources.

For more information, contact Wendy Beagle:  w.beagle@islandcountywa.gov, 360-240-5517