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Island County Veterans Assistance Application




Under the Revised Code of Washington 73.08, local veterans, their spouse or domestic partner, surviving spouse, surviving domestic partner, and dependent children of a living or deceased veteran are eligible for emergency assistance and/or relief.  Island County has established the Veterans' Assistance Fund (VAF) to comply with this statute and community need.  The fund is provided for by Island County property owner taxes.

Repeated requests for assistance will be reviewed carefully.  The applicant will be counseled that the VAF is a limited emergency fund to be shared by all eligible indigent veterans.

Procedures and Policies for the VAF are separate documents and should be used cohesively.  The Board of Island County Commissioners (BOICC) will be notified of recommended changes to these documents for their approval annually.

Using RCW 73.08 as a guideline, Island County Commissioners, Island County Veterans Service Coordinator (VSC) and the Veterans Advisory Board (VAB) have established the following as Criteria for administering the VAF:

1.  Veteran must have served under Honorable conditions in accordance with RCW 41.04.005. National Guard, State Guard, or Inactive Reserves must have served under Honorable conditions and have been deployed to serve in an armed conflict. National Guard, State Guard, or Inactive Reserve whose active duty was for training purposes only is not eligible.

2.  Veteran must show an original or certified copy of a DD-214 or, if discharged prior to 1950, a Certificate of Discharge.

3.  Veteran must have been a continual resident of the State of Washington for a period of one year immediately prior to application and a resident of Island County at the time of application.

4.  Veteran must be able to provide proof of their identity and documentation of eligibility of dependents.

5.  Veteran must be indigent (a person in need or poverty as defined in these procedures).

Link to Veteran's Assistance Application:  Island County Veterans Assistance Claim1.pdf