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Developmental Disabilities Program

COVID-19 Information

In these unprecedented times, we acknowledge the need to be physically distant.  We also believe the need to be socially connected is perhaps more crucial than ever.   Be sure to stay connected with family and friends in Covid-19 wise ways.  In addition,  Mike Etzell, Developmental Disabilities Coordinator, is fully available to connect via these modes of communication: 

call/text: (360) 499-5401, landline: (360) 678-7883, and email: mikeet@islandcountywa.gov  

The Island County Developmental Disabilities program coordinates, funds, and manages local services for children from birth to three and for adults 21 and over who have developmental disabilities. We work actively with families, schools, the business community, as well as local, state, and federal governments to facilitate full contribution for all citizens who experience developmental disabilities.

Our underlying belief is that all individuals with developmental disabilities have the skills, interests, and talents to enhance their community and have a responsibility to do so. We also know that employment is a powerful way to contribute both to the larger community as well as to continue to grow and learn.

If you are interested in being a qualified provider of Individual Employment, Community Inclusion, or Child Development Services please contact Mike Etzell to discuss provider qualifications/contract/and for a Request for Proposal packet.  We have an open and continuous enrollment policy.  Completed packets will be reviewed upon completion. If you are/know an individual with a developmental disability and would like to know more about employment support, contact Mike.

To contact the coordinator for Developmental Disabilities please call or e-mail Mike Etzell at (360) 678-7883 or MikeEt@islandcountywa.gov

If you are seeking support and resources, contact our Parent to Parent Coordinator, Tiffany Wheeler-Thompson. Parent to Parent can guide you to community resources, support in a variety of different ways, help with navigating systems, and connections with other families with special needs. All ages and stages.  

Contact Island County Parent to Parent Coordinator Tiffany Wheeler-Thompson: 

Email: t.wheeler-thompson@islandcountywa.gov, Call/Text (360)632-7539, Website and Facebook Page 

Parent to Parent website includes the following updated resource guides:

2022 Disability Resource Guide  

2022 ASD Resource Guide

2021 Behavioral Health Directory