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Island County > Planning > 2018 Work Plan

2018 Work Plan

The annual work plan for the Planning & Development Services Department includes amendments proposed to the Island County Comprehensive Plan (the annual docket items), work related to potential future amendments, development regulation updates, and process/procedural updates.

Combined SEPA Analysis for the Island County 2018 Annual Docket

The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that each county identify procedures and schedules whereby amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are considered by the Board no more than once a year. Such items must be adopted and published as an annual docket.  The Board of Island County Commissioners approved the 2018 Annual Docket to include three items:

  • New Freeland development regulations & related Subarea Plan update
  • Housing Element update
  • Rural Lands update
Adoption of comprehensive plans, their amendments, and implementing development regulations are "actions" as defined under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).  While each project undergoes its own SEPA analysis, the state requires that docketed items include an analysis of cumulative effects of all plan amendments for that docket.  

Below are links to the cumulative SEPA determination for the 2018 docket, and the individual SEPA determinations for each docket item.

Annual Docket Items

​Project ​SEPA
​Anticipated Completion ​Status
Freeland Development Regulations
(Plan & Regulatory Updates)

​Addendum to FEIS

​April/May Draft Available ​

Rural Lands Revisions
(Plan & Regulatory Updates)

2018 Ongoing

Housing Element Update
(Plan & Regulatory Updates)

​DNS Issued Plan Updates  Summer 2018 Ongoing


Work Plan Projects

​Project Anticipated
​SEPA Process
​Anticipated Completion ​Status
FEMA Door 2 Regulatory Amendments
(Code & Procedural Update)
2018/2019​ Ongoing
Code Cleanup ​
(Regulatory Updates)
​Exempt or DNS ​2018/2019 ​Scoping
​Economic Development Element Update
(Future Plan Amendment)
​​Exempt or DNS 2019 Scoping in Summer 2018​
​Historic Preservation Element Update - Part 1, Inventory
(Future Plan Amendment)
​​Exempt or DNS
Oak Harbor Joint Planning Area (JPA) Revisions
(Future Plan Amendment)
​​Exempt or DNS
resume discussions in 2018 as time allows


Additional / Ongoing Projects

  • Fee Schedule Update
  • 2020 Census Preparations
  • Policy Review for the Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS) program
  • Interjurisdictional planning efforts
  • Process/procedure updates
  • And much more...

Staff Contact

Project Updates

Stay up to date on proposed amendments (scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, select ‘Comprehensive Plan’, 'Freeland Subarea', and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’).

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