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2020 Work Plan

The annual work plan for the Planning & Community Development Department includes amendments proposed to the Island County Comprehensive Plan (the annual docket items), work related to potential future amendments, development regulation updates, and process/procedural updates.

Notice - Updated 2020 Work Plan
Planning & Community Development has had to recently reprioritize the 2020 work plan. This is due to the staffing and resource needs posed by the public health and economic recovery response to Covid-19. The table of work plan items below reflects this new prioritization. Those projects which were originally placed on the 2020 work plan and which are no longer reflected in the table of work plan items below, are proposed to still move forward in 2021. This includes the following items:
  • Code updates to Ebey's Landing Historical Reserve Design Guidelines
  • Rural Lands Regulatory Revisions - Phase III
  • Housing Element Implementation - Work Force Housing
  • JPA and UGA process revisions and associated Countywide Planning Policy Updates
  • Update of GIS layers to reflect updated APZ zones; and
    • An associated Study of Land Use around OLF Coupeville in Response to Navy AICUZ study
Also Note that the Economic Development Element for the Island County Comprehensive Plan has now been refocused in scope towards the development of a Community Economic Recovery Plan. 

Work Plan Projects (Comprehensive Plan Amendment Not Required)

​Project Anticipated
​SEPA Process
​Anticipated Completion ​Status​Docket Item
​​2020 Census Outreach
​N/A no code changes proposed
​​June 2020
​Grant Contract in place with OFM

​​Critical Areas Ordinance Amendments
​Sept 2020
​Type IV Rezoning for parcel R33221-520-4710 and R33221-502-5080 to rezone from Water to Rural
​October 2020
​Next Step to send to Commerce and issue SEPA
Housing Element Implementation:
Accessory Dwelling Units Code Update
​October 2020
Benchmark Studies
​Community Economic Recovery Plan
​Dec 2020
​Consultant Contracted
Clinton Gateway Analysis
​Dec 2020
​Consultant Contracted
Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update 
​June 2021
​Obtained a Grant from DOE
Scope of Work Developed
Consultant Contracted

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Project Updates

Stay up to date on proposed amendments (scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, select ‘Comprehensive Plan’, 'Freeland Subarea', and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’).

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