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Island County > Planning > 2020SMP
Coupeville.jpg     2020-21 Shoreline Master Program 
     Periodic Review and Update
SMP Draft to Ecology
Planning Commission Hearing - 5/17/2021
​SEPA Environmental Review
​Scope of Work and Timeline
Proposed Draft Code Changes by Code Section
June 1, 2021 Draft - Posted for Public Hearing to Consider Transmittal to Ecology (6/22/2021)
March 26, 2021 Draft - Posted for 30-Day Public Comment Period (3/26/21 - 4/25/21)
Clean Version - Comments Only
​March 2, 2021 Draft
​Mapping Changes - Coastal Wetlands/Lagoons & Historic Beach Communities
Sea Level Rise Guidance - Individual Property Owners & Shoreline Communities
Sea Level Rise Monitoring Program

Staff Contact

Camano Annex Main Phone

Project Updates

Stay up to date on proposed amendments (scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, then select ‘Comprehensive Plan’ and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’). 

April 12th 2pm - Joint Public Comment Hearing
Island County Planning Commission and Washington State Dept. of Ecology