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What are the hours for submittal? 
Building Permit Applications are accepted until 2 p.m.

How do I apply for an address?
You can apply via U.S. Mail or in person at the Planning Department front counter in the Coupeville office or at the Camano Annex.

Along with the Completed Application, the following shall be provided:
  1. Approved Access Permit
    Issued by Public Works (360-679-7331)  approving the driveway onto a County road, OR Department of Transportation (360-757-5964 or 360-848-7230). When it is the first access onto the HWY. 
  2. Map
    An Aerial photo, or plot plan showing the accurate lot configuration. On this map indicate the Approved Access Point/Driveway and any applicable easements.
  3. Fee
    $51.50 (made payable to: Island County Planning)
  4. Building and/or Septic Permit numbers.
Can I submit for a Land Use and Building Permit concurrently? 

Yes. If you have a Land Use Submittal Appointment, upon arrival let the front receptionist know that you also have a Building Permit submittal. The Land Use application must be accepted in order to also intake the Building Permit application and plans. Because of the limited quantity of Guest Cottages, they are excluded from concurrent review. 

Do I need a Licensed Contractor or am I able to do the work myself?

A Washington State Licensed Contractor is required. And yes, you are able to do the work yourself however a Owner/Contractor Form must be signed by the Owner & submitted with the Building Permit Application.  

Building Permits

Building Permit Applicants:

Per Island County Resolution C-28-18, the building permit fee's will be updated and effective as of Feb. 6, 2023.


UPDATE:  As of Jan. 3, 2023,

detached Accessory Dwelling Unit are once again available.


REMINDER: All roof covering projects

New and replacement, require a building permit.

EFFECTIVE AS OF MARCH 2022: Flood Development Pre-Application Conferences will be held in person 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Tuesdays on Whidbey Island and Fridays on Camano Island. Virtual conferences are available on either day. All time slots are first-come, first-served.
CONTACT: Call Vicki Mertins at 360-678-7869 or email to v.mertins@islandcountywa.gov to schedule a conference. 

Building Inspection Requests

  • All Building Inspection requests must be made through the Island County Public Portal
  • All Building Inspection Results are available through your Public Portal account.
  • If you are experiencing issues with your Public Portal account, please contact us at 360-679-7339.
  • The preference for Building Inspection Requests is the Public Portal.  If you are having issues and cannot reach us for assistance, you may send your inspection request by email to BuildingDept@islandcountywa.gov 

New Single Family Residence (SFR), new Accessory Structure Building Permits, and solar racking are only being accepted via our online Public Portal.

Building Permit Submittal Requirements

General Requirements

  • ​Completed Bldg. Permit Application (In INK w/size 8 font min.)
  • 1 set/copy of Building Plans (to scale).
  • 1 set/copy of Engineering and/or Structural Plans if applicable.
  • Completed WA State Energy  code worksheet.
  • Plot Plan, no larger than 11x17 and to a standard engineering scale.

​​Single Family Residence

  • ​A Copy of the Approved Access Permit
  • Address Application
  • Approved Septic Permit/As Built or Applicable Sewer District Connection Cert. 
  • Approved WAV (Water Availability Verification Form). 

​New Construction (Garage/Shop etc.) on a Vacant Parcel

  • If Proposing Plumbing: Copy of the Approved WAV
  • If Proposing Plumbing: Approved Septic Permit or Applicable Sewer District Certificate
  • If Proposing Heat: WA State Energy Code Worksheet
  • Approved Access Permit

Note: Garage/Shop on parcels under 2.5 acres without a residence are restricted to 800 sq. ft.

Building Permit Submittal Forms & Helpful Links

​As pending or issued by the Island County Planning Dept.
Site Address Application
Approved Access Permit
​As issued by the Island County Public Works Department
Access Permit Application 
Approved ​"WAV" (Water Availability Verification) Form
(Approved within the Year)
​As issued by the Island County Health Department
​Water Availability Verification Form
As Built/*Approved Septic Permit OR Applicable Sewer District
​As issued by the Island County Health Department or applicable Sewer District 
Application to Construct a Septic System

Holmes Harbor Sewer District

Penn Cove Sewer District 
Submitted Land Use Permit
(Pending Approval or Approved)
​As issued by the Island County Planning Department
(i.e.; Variances, Clearing & Grading Permits, RUD's, EBEY Design Guidelines/Certificate of Appropriateness, within a Cultural Resources area)
Land Use Permit 

Flood Development Permit Approval
(if within floodplain)
As issued by the Island County Planning and Community Development Department
***As of June 2021 a Pre-Application Conference is required prior to submitting a Flood Development Permit; Please call 360.679.7339 to schedule a Flood Development Permit Pre-Application meeting.***
FEMA Flood Information

Island County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Flood Development Permit Application

FEMA Elevation Certificate
Shoreline Approval
(if within 200 ft. of Ordinary High Water Mark)
​​As issued by the Island County Planning Department
Please note: As of December 2020 if the parcel is also within the FLOOD ZONE, a Habitat Assessment requirements for FEMA will be reviewed by the Floodplain Administrator.
Shoreline Environment Designations
Plot/Site Plan (Aerial View)11x17 preferred or legible on smaller paper.  Drawn to scale, not to exceed Engineer scale 1"=60' and indicate water/Septic lines, tanks, drain field & reserve and any building currently on the parcel and proposed buildings.
Plot Plan Example

Contractor Verification
If a Licensed WA State Contractor is not provided, the Owner must sign an Owner Contractor Form.
What is a registered contractor?
Visit WA State Dept. of Labor & Industries.

Statement of Contractor Verification Form
Building Permit Fees 

Estimate the cost of building permit fees. 
Please Note: The fee schedule amounts are estimates only and are not to be used as the amount that will be due at the time of building permit submittal.     
Building Permit Fee Schedule

Building Permit Valuation Schedule 

Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule 
​Building Stock Plans Policy
​Directions to create stock plans.  Stock plans are usable for the Building Code cycle they are reviewed with.  At the start of a new Building Code cycle, a new stock plan process is required.
Building Stock Plans.pdf



Request a building inspection via the Public Portal prior to 3 p.m. on a business day for a next business day Building Inspection. (Federal holidays observed)