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What building code is Island County currently using?
Currently Island County is reviewing with the requirements of the 2018 code cycle. 

Do I need a building permit?
The items listed in 2018 IBC section 105.2 and 2018 IRC section R105.2 are exempt from a building permit.  This does not exempt  the project from other department permits or requirements.

What is the Design Criteria for Island County?
You can find the 2018 IRC Table R301.2(1), Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria for Island County here.  This is the Design Criteria that your engineer will need to design your building.

How do I check the status of my building permit?

You can sign up for an account on our Public Portal to review the status of your building permit, review your permit information, request inspections, and get general information about your building permit.

Does Island County allow alternative building construction?
Yes, alternative materials are allowed.  It is the owners responsibility to provide all information for minimum code compliance of proposed alternative materials.  This may also include engineering. 

*February 1, 2021*
The 2018 International Building Codes and the Washington State Energy Codes will be effective.
Building permits submitted on or after February 1, 2021 must meet the new 2018 codes.

Helpful Code Links

2018 Washington State Residential and Non-residential Energy Code information

2018 WSEC Single Family Residence prescriptive worksheet

2018 WSEC Multifamily prescriptive worksheet
Residential and Non-residential energy code text, training information, and worksheets.
2018 WA International Residential Code (IRC)
2018 WA International Building Code (IBC)
2018 WA International Mechanical Code (IMC)
2018 WA International Fire Code (IFC)
This is the ​International Code Council (ICC) website. The Washington State International Codes can be purchased or read on this website. 

2018 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)

See also SBCC for WA state amendments.
This is the ​IAPMO website.  The Uniform Plumbing Codes can be purchased or read on this website. 
State Building Code Council  (SBCC)

WA State Building Code Amendments
​SBCC building information and all Washington State Building Code Amendments 
WSU Energy Program -Building Efficiency (WSEC) 
WA state energy program information, energy work sheets, training opportunities, duct testers list, and proposed, current, & past energy codes, etc.
Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries  (L&I)
Electrical permitting and inspections are reviewed and approved through WA L&I.
Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO)
WABO website has additional building information, training, and other helpful information.

2015 Code Links 

All International Codes 

2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
2015 International Building Code (IBC)
2015 International Mechanical Code (IMC)
2015 International Fire Code (IFC)
This is the ​International Code Council (ICC) website. The International Codes can be purchased or read on this website. 

See also SBCC for WA state amendments.
2015 Uniform Plumbing Code
This is the ​IAPMO website.  The Uniform Plumbing Codes can be purchased or read on this website. 
See also SBCC for WA state amendments.
2015 Washington State Residential Energy Code text
Residential and Non-residential energy code text

Details to Help Plan your Building

2018 Design Criteria
​2018 IRC & IBC Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria for Island County
2015 CODE - Required Building Permits 
This document provides a general list of work that requires or does not require a building permit.
2015 Design Criteria
2015 IRC & IBC Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria for Island County
2015 Plan Review Legend
​This plan review legend is used on residential plan reviews in an effort to standardize common corrections and speed up review times, it is not a complete list of code requirements.
Prescriptive Basic Garage plan 
This requires a building permit.  This plan is intended for a one-story prescriptive garage within the scope described on the plan.
Pole Building Plan and requirements
This requires a building permit.  This plan is intended for a one-story pole structure within the requirements described on the plan.
Building Height detail 
This detail is for Pre-Construction grade.
Propane Tank Clearances
This information is per NFPA 58.
2015 Prescriptive Wood Deck

Deck WA State Amendments

This is a document created by the with American Wood Council (AWC). This document includes the IRC requirements for stairs, guards, and handrails. 

Please also remember to use the WA State Amendments for increased deck loads.
Noise Level Reduction Ordinance

Noise Zone 2 requirements

Noise Zone 3 requirements 

Noise Zone Map
Island County Code chapter 14.01B

Construction to provide reduction of 25 decibels

Construction to provide reduction of 30 decibels

Mapping of Noise zones 

FEMA Flood Information

​FEMA Elevation Certificate
Effective 04/01/2021 Island County will only accept the FEMA Elevation Certificate.  This is to be provided to & approved by the Building Dept. prior to scheduling the Under Floor Inspection
​2015 IRC section R322
2015 IBC section 1612
Island County Code chapter 14.02A
These sections will provide information regarding special flood area code requirements.  Where there is a conflict in the code, the most restrictive is used.
FEMA Flood technical bulletins and other flood information can be searched for on the FEMA website.
User's Guide to Technical Bulletins - NFIP technical bulletin 0 / July 2019
​There is a list of technical bulletins within this document the can be searched for on the fema.gov website.
Flood Damage-Resistant Materials  Requirements 
Technical bulletin 2 / August 2008.
Crawlspace Construction for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas
Technical bulletin 11 /  November 2001.

Staff Contact

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Building Inspection Request Line for
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Building Inspection Request Line for Camano Island: 

Request a Building Inspection prior to 3pm on a business day for a next business day Building Inspection.