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2017 Work Plan:  Annual Docket Item

Joint Planning Area (JPA) Boundary Revisions


​Project Description Anticipated
​SEPA Process
​Anticipated Completion ​Status

Revisions to the Joint Planning Area (JPA) Boundaries)

Impacts Chapter 1, Land Use, and appendices (maps)



Project Summary:


During the 2016 Comprehensive Plan update, the county and jurisdictions identified the need to update the boundaries of the Joint Planning Areas. 

Joint Planning Area (JPA) – Areas immediately outside of, and adjacent to, Municipal Urban Growth Areas.  JPAs are jointly designated by the County and Municipalities to reserve areas which may be necessary for future Urban Growth and to protect land which has been identified as having long term rural significance such as critical areas, key entrance roads, and areas of historical significance.  Broadly, such areas are intended to provide an opportunity for long term planning beyond the normal twenty year planning horizon.

The JPA boundaries were drawn 20 years ago, and actual growth patterns and needs have shifted over time, in particularly in Oak Harbor.  There was no mechanism, however, for how the boundaries could be modified or criteria identified for how to redraw the boundaries.  Staff from the county and local jurisdictions recognized the need was greater than the capacity during 2016, and the JPA discussion was deferred to 2017. 


Goals & Objectives

  • Create criteria for determining appropriate lands to be include (or excluded) from the JPA
  • Consider redrawing the Oak Harbor JPA boundary


Completed To Date

County staff is working with planning staff from the Interjurisdictional Working Group to review and draft potential revisions.


Next Steps 

The interjurisdictional working group will review the draft criteria language and create a draft revised boundary for public review and discussions.  An open house will be scheduled to discuss the revisions with impacted property owners.




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