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Land Use Permits

General Information

Nov. 18, 2021 Wind Damage Notice

On Nov. 18, some residents of Island County may have sustained damage from wind-driven floodwaters in Island County. Property owners who suffered impacts from this event seeking to make repairs should ensure that all required permits are obtained. Constituents intending to file an insurance claim should request an inspection from Island County to determine if "Substantial Damage" has occurred. In the event "substantial damage" is determined, additional requirements for repairs in the flood zone may impact repair costs. Insurance policy holders may qualify for "Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage" and a letter from Island County is required to submit to your insurance agency.

What are the permit fees?  
Click here for Island County's land use permit fee schedule

How can I submit a permit?
You can either submit your land use permit applications in person or electronically. 

  1. Send your application and other attachments to PlanningDept@islandcountywa.gov
  2. The planner on duty for the day will review your materials and let you know if anything else is needed
  3. If everything looks ready, the planner will provide you with an estimate for the fees and let you know how many hard copies are needed.
  4. Please mail the required hard copies, a copy of the estimate provided to you, and a check for the required permit fees to one of the addresses below.
Planning & Community Development
PO Box 5000
Coupeville, WA

For FedEx or UPS:
Planning & Community Development
1 NE 6th St.
Coupeville, WA 

In Person:
Call 360-679-7339 and ask to schedule a "Land Use Permit submittal appointment" with a planner.

Plan for around 60 minutes to review and take in your application.

For questions about septic and water
Contact the Island County Public Health Department

If you have questions about access, clearing and grading, storm water, and steep/unstable slopes,
Contact the Island County Public Works Department

Staff Contact

Camano Annex Main Phone