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Legal Notices for Long Range Planning Projects

Long Range Planning

General Information


A division of the Island County Planning & Community Development Department. Long-Range Planners are responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the County's Comprehensive Plan
  • Developing subarea plans through active community engagement
  • Informing stakeholders and encouraging participation in the planning process
  • Working with staff to identify issues relating to Island County Code and permit processing.  Proposing and processing amendments to the Island County Code
  • Implementing and updating the County-Wide Planning Policies
  • Coordinating land-use planning efforts between local jurisdictions, Naval Base Whidbey Island, and the County
  • Planning for projected population growth and allocation by jurisdiction
  • Making recommendations regarding the adjustment of Urban Growth Boundaries
  • Managing the Department's Email Subscriptions (lists available: Comprehensive Plan, Freeland Subarea Plan, Critical Areas, Development Regulation Updates, Shorelines)

Planning Authority

The Washington State Planning Enabling Act (Chapter 3​6.70 RCW) authorizes counties, cities, and towns to adopt planning and land use regulations.

Island County also operates under the State's Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW) which was passed by the State Legislature in 1990 as a mechanism for managing growth and development. 

The State Department of Commerce oversees implementation of the Growth Management Act.

Annual Review Docket

he Annual Review Docket consists of proposed amendments that are scheduled to be made to the County's Comprehensive Plan during a given year (known as Comprehensive Plan Amendments, or CPAs). These Amendments can be proposed by a citizen, the Board of County Commissioners, the Planning Commission, and the Planning Director.  Island County Code (ICC) chapter 16.26 establishes the review and amendment procedures, pursuant to Chapter 36.70A RCW, for the Island County Comprehensive Plan and implementing Development Regulations found in ICC Titles 8, 11, 16, & 17.

All amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations must be approved by the Board of Island County Commissioners pursuant to Chapter 16.19 ICC.  For information on the review process and criteria, please review the application forms. 

Key Terms
  • The Docket consists of amendments that are proposed to be made to the County's Comprehensive Plan (known as Comprehensive Plan Amendments, or CPAs).
  • The work plan includes regulatory updates that do not require an amendment as well as items that may move forward in the future as a Comprehensive Plan amendment. 
PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be received by the end of the day on July 31 to be considered for the annual docket for the following year.  An appointment is REQUIRED for submittal

Please visit our Yearly Work Plan webpage to view what is on the docket for this year.

Recently Adopted Ordinances and Resolutions

  • C-93-20 In the Matter of Amending the Island County Zoning Atlas from Water to Rural Zoning and Amending the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map from Water to Rural Lands for Parcels R33221-502-5080 and R33221-520-4710

  • C-106-20 In the Matter of Adopting Section 2A, the Clinton Gateway, as a Subsection of the Economic Development element of the Island County Comprehensive Plan

Staff Contact

Project Updates


Stay up to date on proposed amendments (scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, then select ‘Comprehensive Plan’ and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’).