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Community Collaboration to Finalize Code  

October 2017 - March 2018

Staff will be holding a number of meetings and interviews with stakeholders to discuss code sections and impacts of the transition to the new code, and to ensure that public concerns and aspirations are consistently understood.  We will work with you to ensure that your concerns and aspirations are reflected in the code options to the maximum extent possible. 

We would love to come to you!  If you would like to arrange for staff to come to you to talk with your small group (your office, small meeting of neighbors, or group of business owners, etc.), we can do that!  Contact b.frey@co.island.wa.us or call 360-679-7365.

—Additional community workshops will be scheduled during the first part of 2018. 

 Freeland Regulations Summary

2017 Work Plan:  Development Regulation Update

Freeland Development Regulations


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status
Freeland Development Regulations
(Implementing the Subarea Plan)
DNS April/May 2018* Ongoing


Project Summary


Development Regulations are being drafted for properties within the Freeland Non-Municipal Urban Growth Area (NMUGA).  Only those properties that are within the NMUGA, as revised in 2016, will be subject to the new regulations.  The new regulations will transition Freeland from rural to urban standards, based upon the adopted Freeland Subarea Plan

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Goals & Objectives

  • Implementation of the Freeland Subarea Plan. 
  • Creating development standards with a "rural village" character for the NMUGA.
  • Create a land use designation of NMUGA as separate from the zoning districts (currently the land use designations are the same as the zoning, making all rezonings a Plan amendment).  This is the same decoupling process that the County went through during the 2016 update of the Comprehensive Plan, and will require an amendment to the Subarea Plan to reflect the change.


Next Steps / Estimated Timeline

Staff is currently discussing policy options with the Planning Commission and the Board, finalizing the draft code, and will be scheduling a series of stakeholder meetings and community events for public review and scenario testing prior to adoption.   Final adoption is expected in April/May of 2018 (subject to change).


Code Drafts


Planning Commission Meeting Documents

Tentative Schedule for Planning Commission discussions:

​Meeting Date ​Topics* ​Materials
08/28 ​proposed separation of land use designations from the zoning districts (a.k.a. "de-coupling") Staff Memo (see pg 5)
09/11 ​rezoning criteria Staff Memo
10/09 ​zoning districts, permitted uses​, rezoning criteria Freeland PPT,
Zoning Districts & Uses (11x17s);
Option - Limited Transitions
; draft code sections for discussion of options - rezoning criteria & permitted uses
10/23 ​parking, signs, landscaping & screening

Staff Memo,
Freeland PPT

11/13 ​block frontages, building type standards, commercial & MF design standards

Staff Memo (see pg 2),

PPT Slides from BOCC mtg on 12/6

11/27 ​other changes to ICC (Section 17.03.180, etc.) to add/implement Freeland districts Staff Memo
12/11 ​discussion of definitions for hotel/motel and artist studio and artisan workshop ​n/a - discussion only
​1/8 ​lighting provisions Staff Memo,
Draft Lighting Code,
ICC 17.03.180.T.11_Lighting,
1/22             ​draft revisions to Island County Code to implement Freeland development regulations

Staff Memo,
Chapter 16,
Chapter 17, part 1

2/12 revised draft code*
​2/26​draft revisions to Island County Code to implement Freeland development regulations*

* Subject to change.  

Planning Commission agendas and materials



Staff Contact

Project Updates

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