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​2019 Work Plan:  Development Regulation Update

Code Cleanup: Ebey's Landing


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status
Ebey's Landing
Code Revisions
Exempt Ongoing

Phase One Completed - HPC Amendments Adopted 6/11/19

Phase Two nearing completion - Public Hearing postponed


Project Overview

The process to review application inside Ebey's is found under Chapter 17.04A ICC and in the Town of Coupeville Code section 16.13.060.  There has been confusion over time from new staff and we have received comments from the public and Historic Preservation Commission that recommend changes. Town and County staff have drafted the following goals and objectives for this update:

  1. Evaluate the decision types for projects within Ebey’s Reserve to improve efficiency in the permitting process
  2. Codify existing practices/code interpretations
  3. Reevaluate the number of commissioners on the HPC and the definition of a quorum
  4. Amend the process for Special Evaluation.
  5. Reformat the Design Guidelines with updated section numbering and cross-references to improve internal consistency and ease of use
  6. Remove, modify, and augment guidelines to improve clarity, reduce redundancies, and address gaps in accordance with comments from the Historic Preservation Commission, Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve Trust Board, stakeholders, staff, and the public.
  7. Provide guidelines for alternative energy structures
  8. Improve consistency with Secretary of Interior Guidelines



Phase One - HPC.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing the proposed revisions to the Historic Preservation Commission membership on May 20th. 


Next Steps

Phase Two - COA. Design Review processes and procedures related to the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA).  The Planning Commission will schedule a public hearing to consider amendments and make a recommendation to the Board.  NOTE:  The public hearing was orginally scheduled for 10/28/19 but has been postponed to allow additional time for discussion of comments from the Town and Reserve. 

Phase Three - Design.  Amendments to the design standards (anticipated early 2020).


Staff Contact

Project Updates

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