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Island County > Planning > WP19_LandUseTables

​2019 Work Plan:  Development Regulation Update

Code Cleanup: Land Use Tables


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status
Land Use Consolidation Exempt Spring 2019



Adopted Ordinance


Project Overview


  • Creating 3 tables in place of 6 tables and 9 lists in 4 sections of code
  • Formatting and usability only – not changing what use allowed where or standards
  • Resolving conflicts


  • Simpler/faster for public and staff
  • Eliminates conflicts
  • Easier updates as we move forward with code cleanup list


  • Reorg/consolidating
  • Creating 3 tables:  Rural Area, RAIDs, UGAs
  • Will add footnotes and references to relevant code sections (like Freeland table)
  • Some policy discussions
    • Resolve some conflicts (example:  Type I in list and Type II in table)
    • Resolve uses that are treated in two ways (example:  schools as schools, schools as institutional uses – different standards/review types)
  • Future cleanup will enhance usability – this project will identify future cleanup needs, but will focus on restructuring uses only (not fixing 180, etc.)



For Planning Commission Public Hearing on May 13, 2019:


Next Steps

The Board will hold a public hearing to consider adoption of the new land use tables on June 25th.   


Staff Contact

Project Updates

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