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​2019 Work Plan:  Development Regulation Update

Code Cleanup


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status
Initial Code Cleanup Exempt or DNS 2019, 2020, & 2021 (Phased)


Land Use Tables Nearing Completion

Ebey's Landing, Part 1 Nearing Completion




​A comprehensive review and cleanup of Island County codes related to land use and development regulations is underway,  with the following goals:

  • clarify sections of the code that are ambiguous;
  • correct sections of the code that appear to disagree with each other;
  • generally make the code more easily understandable and more user friendly; and
  • codify any director policies or code interpretations (this has been a particular point of confusion for members of the public who do not have an easy way of knowing that a policy or interpretation exists).

In addition to text changes, this process will include some code reorganization to make the code flow in a way that is more intuitive for the general public.   Codes will be reviewed and updated in groupings, with larger projects and other code cleanup items running on parallel tracks.  Phase 1 project goals and objectives have been review by the Planning Commission and approved by the Board of Island County Commissioners.




​Large Project Groups


SEPA in Critical Areas

Shoreline Master Program Code Cleanups

Variance Process

Ebey’s Minor Code Cleanup

​Drafting Scope

Combined with SMP Periodic Update 

Scope Approved

Part 1 nearing completion



Farm Worker Housing

Density Bonus/
Planned Residential Development

Sign Code





​Urban Growth Area Notification
& Rezoning Procedures

Junk and Salvage Yards


PBRS Minor Code Cleanup




​Other Code Cleanup Project Groups


Minor Edits/Typos

Legal Lots/Platting

Permit Processes

Site Plan Review

Land Use Tables Consolodation

Scope Approved

Scope Approved

Scope Approved

Scope Approved 

Nearing Completion 














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