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Island County Comprehensive Plan


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The 2016 update was adopted on December 13, 2016  (Ordinance C-139-16). 

Download the entire plan as one large file (45MB) 
            --> for the updated 2018 Housing Element, see the link below for Element 4


Below are links to the ICCP by chapter/section.     

​ ​Cover, Table of Contents, Acronynms, Definitions

Element 1​​

Land Use

​Element 2

Economic Development

​Element 3

Shoreline Managment

​Element 4

Housing Element (as updated in 2018)

4A. Reasonable Measures Addendum 
       (as adopted in 2018)

​Element 5

Historic Preservation

​Element 6​

Natural Resources

​Element 7

Parks & Recreation

​Element 8


​Element 9


​Element 10

Capital Facilities Element

      10A.  Capital Facilities Plan

      10B.  Capital Improvement Program


​GMA Consistency Matrix

Population Growth Analysis & Accommodations

Public Participation

Large Format Maps (11 x 17s)




Comprehensive plans are long-range in nature and serve as policy guides for how a jurisdiction plans to manage growth and development with respect to the natural environment and available resources.  Washington State law (36.70A.040 RCW) requires that jurisdictions operating under the Growth Management Act (GMA) develop comprehensive plans and development regulations that are not only consistent with, but implement their respective comprehensive plans (36.70A RCW).

The GMA requires that comprehensive plans consist of the following elements: land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, rural (for counties), transportation, economic development, and park and recreation (36.70A.070 RCW). A comprehensive plan may also include additional elements (these being optional) that relate to the physical development within its respective jurisdiction. Examples of optional elements include: conservation, historic preservation, and subarea plans  (36.70A.080 RCW).

Periodic Review

Island County adopted its original GMA Comprehensive Plan on September 28, 1998 (with an effective date of December 1, 1998.  The GMA requires that jurisdictions periodically review their comprehensive plans and implementing development regulations in their entirety and, if needed, revise them. Island County is required to have this review and revision completed every eight (8) years (36.70A.130(5)(b) RCW). Opportunities for public participation in this process will be provided (see 36.70A.035 RCW). These updates are a the periodic review cycle. The most recent update was adopted in December of 2016. 


Amendments to various elements within the Island County Comprehensive Plan (ICCP) have been made on an annual basis as allowed by law (36.70A.130(2)(a) RCW) through the annual docket process. Island County Code (ICC) Chapter 16.26 describes the County’s review procedure for amendments to the ICCP and development regulations. Section 16.26.060 ICC allows for any Person to propose an amendment to the ICCP or implementing development regulations. Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAs) and Development Regulation Amendments (DRAs) are processed as Type IV Legislative Decisions by the Board of Island County Commissioners (BICC).


Staff Contact


Project Updates

2018 Work Plan
Stay up to date on proposed amendments (scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, then select ‘Comprehensive Plan’ and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’).


Application Handbook - A process overview and Application Part 1 & 2, for all comprehensive plan amendment application types

Application Part 3 - supplemental attachment for specific application types:

- UGA Amendments

- JPA Amendments

- Type IV decision Zoning Amendments

- Nominations of a habitat or species of local importance


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