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IMG_0688.JPG  Island County Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan Amendment Forms

Process Overview and
Application Parts 1 & 2

Application Part 3 
Supplemental Attachments for Specific Application Types:

UGA Amendments
- JPA Amendments

Comp Plan Amendment 

Island County Comprehensive Plan Documents

The 2016 update was adopted on December 13, 2016  (Ordinance C-139-16). 

About Comprehensive Planning
Download the Entire Plan as One Large File (45MB) 
--> for the updated 2018 Housing Element, see the link below for Element 4
--> for the new 2020 Clinton Gateway, see the link below for Subsection 2A

Cover, Table of Contents, Acronyms, Definitions


Element 1​​

Land Use

​Element 2

Economic Development

New! - Subection 2A. The Clinton Gateway
(Adopted December 2020)

​Element 3

Shoreline Management

​Element 4

Housing Element (as updated in 2018)

4A. Reasonable Measures Addendum 
       (as adopted in 2018)

​Element 5

Historic Preservation

​Element 6​

Natural Resources

​Element 7

Parks & Recreation

​Element 8


​Element 9


​Element 10

Capital Facilities Element

      10A.  Capital Facilities Plan

      10B.  Capital Improvement Program


GMA Consistency Matrix

Population Growth Analysis & Accommodations

Public Participation

Large Format Maps (11 x 17s)

Freeland Subarea Plan Documents

Project History

Map of Freeland NMUGA

2016 Freeland Subarea Plan

2019 Subarea Plan Amendments

Freeland Zoning Code

Countywide Planning Policies (CWPPs)

Countywide Planning Policies - 2017

Island County's Coordinated Water System Plan Documents

Click here to download Island County's entire CWSP (31.6 MB)

​About Coordinated Water System Planning
Volume IVolume II - Appendices
Section I – Summary
Appendix A – Background Ordinances and Regulation
Section II – The Coordinated Water System Plan Process
Appendix B – Individual Water System Plans
Section III – Planning Data and Future Water Supply NeedsAppendix C – Population and Demand Forecasts
​Section IV – Assessment of Existing Water Supply SystemsAppendix D – Water System Data
Section V – Water Use EfficiencyAppendix E – Water Rights Tables
Section VI – County-Wide Water Supply Policies
Appendix F – Service Area Agreements
Section VII – Regional Water Supply Plan
Appendix G – Minimum Design Standards
Section VIII – Plan AdoptionAppendix H – Regional Water Association Sample Formation Documents
Appendix I – Sample Intertie Agreement
Appendix J – Sample Satellite Management Agreement
Appendix K – Groundwater Resource Analysis
Appendix L – Salt Water Intrusion Policy for Public Water Systems
Appendix M – Water Importation Study

Staff Contact

Camano Annex Main Phone

Project Updates

Stay up to date on proposed amendments
(scroll down the topics list and in the Planning topics, then select ‘Comprehensive Plan’ and/or ‘Development Regulations Updates’).