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Island County staff is in the process of updating all Development Information Bulletins (DIBs). As each DIB is updated, the name of the DIB will appear in green and will link to the updated information.

Development Information Bulletins (DIBs) provide general information and answer commonly asked questions regarding permits, procedures, and regulations. Regulations are often written in a style difficult to comprehend, interpret, and apply to specific situations. DIBs are an attempt to translate the legalese of regulations into clear and common language. In the DIBs, excerpts from regulations are combined with plain-language explanations, rewording of complex passages, and some interpretation by staff. While the hope is that use of the DIBs will reduce expense and effort, reading the regulations in some cases may be required.

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 100    General Information


Langley Urban Growth Area

Describes permit application procedures and requirements in the Langley UGA


Community Meetings

Describes when community meetings are required and how to run them


Langley Joint Planning Area

Describes permit application procedures and requirements in areas near Langley


Type I Decision Process

This describes the type I decision process for permits


Type II Decision Process

This describes the type II decision process for permits


Type III Decision Process

This describes the type III decision process for permits

 200     Building Permits


Mobile/Manufactured Home Permits

Explains installation, replacement and alteration requirements

 300     Zoning and Land Use


Home Industry

What it is and how and where it may be approved


Home Occupation

What it is and how and where it may be approved


Bed and Breakfast

Definition and siting requirements


Signs and Lighting

Standards for outdoor advertisement signs and exterior lighting


Water System Review

Process to amend or expand a Water System Service Area       

 400    Subdivisions, Short Plats, and Boundary Line Adjustments


Unregulated Segregations

When a division of land is exempt from subdivision regulations, certain requirements still apply

 500     Site Development and Environmental Protection 


Clearing and Grading

Basic requirements if soil and vegetation is to be disturbed


Drainage Requirements for Single-Family Residences

Explains impervious surface areas and other criteria to keep in mind prior to development of a home or accessory structures


Critical Drainage Areas

Special requirements apply in areas with identified flooding or water quality problems


Drainage Narratives

Description and required contents


Critical Areas

General descriptions and purpose for wetlands, streams, fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas


Wetlands - A

What is a Wetland?


Wetlands - B

Residential Development


Wetlands - C



Wetlands - D

Preliminary Critical Areas Determination



Definition and requirements


Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas

Definition and requirements for protection of protected species and habitats


Geologically Hazardous Areas

Definition and requirements for development near bluffs or landslides


Timber Harvest and Forest Practices Permits

Permit requirements for harvesting timber


Development on the Shoreline

Setback requirements and permits


[intentionally left blank]




Permit requirements for new construction and repair of existing shoreline protection structures



State Environmental Policy Act requirements


Archaeological Sites

General locations and requirements



Permit and construction requirements


Development on Steep Slopes

Definition and requirements for development on steep slopes


Geologically Hazardous Areas Covenant

Explains what the Covenant is and when it is required


Washington Natural Heritage Program Sites

Definition and requirements for protection of protected species and habitats


Habitats of Local Importance

Definition and requirements for protection of protected species and habitats


Overwater Structures

Requirements for New/Expansion of overwater Structures. Eelgrass Habitat Guidelines Qualified Divers

 600     Open Space Tax Programs  


Open Timber

Tax deferred program for lands that are managed for timber production (Managed by the Island County Assessor's Office)

IMPORTANT NOTE - "Development Information Bulletins" (DIBs) are intended to assist the general public in understanding the effect of codes and regulations. DIBs are not complete statements of the laws and rules and should not be used as a substitute for them. If conflicts and questions arise, the code and regulations are the final authority. Because these regulations may be revised or amended at any time, consult Island County staff to be sure you understand all current requirements before beginning any work. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the project meets requirements of all current codes and regulations.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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