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Planning Commission Process

1. Draft documents are transmitted to the Planning Commission for review.

2. Department staff briefs the Planning Commission at a public meeting, providing background information, going over the proposal documents and answering the Planning Commission's questions.   Electronic and paper copies are available for public review in person and online.

3.  Public hearing is held by the Planning Commission.  This is an opportunity for citizens to approach the Planning Commission and provide comments about the proposal. It is an opportunity to ask questions, provide input and express an opinion.  It is very helpful for the Planning Commission to hear specifics to better facilitate their deliberations.

4.  Changes are proposed based on agency and public comments.

5. Planning Commission deliberates at a public meeting.  The public is encouraged to come and listen, but there is not the opportunity for public testimony. The Planning Commission deliberates, asks questions of staff, discussing what they've learned in public hearings andwritten comments.

6. Planning Commission takes action.   After considering the information provided, written and oral testimony, the Planning Commission ultimately comes to a recommendation that they will forward to the Board of County Commissioners.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of nine volunteer citizens appointed by the Board of Island County Commissioners. They make recommendations to the Board in matters concerning growth and development as authorized in the Planning Enabling Act (RCW 36.70). 

bullet District 1:   Karen Krug, Val Hillers, Dean Enell  

bullet District 2:   Vacant position, Darin Hand, Brett D'Antonio

Bullet District 3:   James Caspers, Beth Munson, Tracy Hunsaker Gilroy

MEETINGS: The Planning Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month in the Island County Commissioners Hearing Room in Coupeville at 2:00 p.m. Three weeks prior to the meeting an agenda will be posted unless there is nothing pending upon its calendar.

TRAINING: Training conducted by Joe W. Tovar was held on November 9 and November 16, 2016 for Planning Commissions and planning staff throughout Isand County's jurisdictions.
Powerpoints: Nov 9 and Nov 16
Recordings:   Nov 9 and Nov 16

CURRENT PROJECTS: 2017 Work Plan & Docket Items

MEETING MATERIALS - For the Planning Commission public meeting scheduled September 11, 2017



  • Review and discuss the proposed expansion of the Oak Harbor Joint Planning Area (JPA)
  • Receive information regarding the application for an amendment to the Oak Harbor Urban Growth Area – Wright’s Crossing (CPA 252/17)
  • Review and discuss the Rural Lands Regulatory Update
  • Review and discuss items to consider for the 2018 work plan and Docket
  • Review and discuss proposed development regulations for Freeland


 Address your comments to:

Island County Planning Commission at: PlanningCommission@co.island.wa.us 
or by mail c/o Planning Department to: PO Box 5000, Coupeville, WA 98239


​Agenda ​Minutes ​Recording
September 11 2017​READ*​LISTEN
August 28 2017​READ*​LISTEN
​August 14 2017​READ*​LISTEN
​July 24 2017 ​READ* LISTEN
​July 10 2017 ​READ*LISTEN
June 26 2017 ​READ* LISTEN
​June 12 2017 ​READ* LISTEN
​May 22 2017 ​READ* ​LISTEN
April 24 2017 ​READ* ​LISTEN
April 10 2017 ​READ ​LISTEN
​March 27 2017 ​READ* LISTEN
​March 13 2017​READ LISTEN
February 27 2017 READ ​LISTEN
January 23 2017READ ​LISTEN
January 9 2017 ​READ ​LISTEN
​January 5 2017 ​READ ​LISTEN
​ ​​2016
Decemeber 12 ​READ ​LISTEN
November 10 ​READ LISTEN
​October 24 READ ​LISTEN
October 10 ​READ ​LISTEN
September 26 Joint Session ​READ LISTEN
​September 12 READ ​LISTEN
August 22 ​READ ​LISTEN
June 30 Joint Session ​READ LISTEN
​May 23 Hearing ​READ ​LISTEN
​May 23 Joint Session ​READ ​LISTEN  
May 9 Revised Agenda READ ​LISTEN
May 2 Joint Session READ ​LISTEN
​April 25 ​READ LISTEN
​April 11 ​READ ​LISTEN
​March 28 READ                               ​LISTEN                         
​March 17 Joint Session ​READ LISTEN
March 14 ​READ ​LISTEN
​February 22 ​READ ​LISTEN
February 8 ​READ ​LISTEN
January 25 ​READ ​LISTEN
January 11 ​READ


​ ​ ​* Materials for this meeting are not yet available
​ ​ ​2015
Agenda​ ​Minutes ​Recording
​December 14 ​READ ​LISTEN
​October 26 ​READ ​LISTEN
September 28 ​READ ​LISTEN
September 14 ​READ ​LISTEN
​August 24 ​READ ​LISTEN
​August 10 ​READ ​LISTEN
April 27 ​​READ ​​LISTEN
March 23 Joint Session ​​READ ​​LISTEN
March 9 ​​READ ​​LISTEN
February 23 ​​READ ​​LISTEN
January 27 ​​READ ​​LISTEN
​ ​ ​
​ ​2014
​Agenda ​Minutes ​Recording
November 18 ​READ ​​​LISTEN
​October 28 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
​August 26 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
June 10 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
​May 27 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN   LISTEN (2)
​May 13 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
April 8 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
​March 25 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
​March 11 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
March 10 Joint Session ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
February 25 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
February 11 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
​January 28 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN
January 7 ​​READ ​​​LISTEN



      Comments may be submitted via the Department mailing address or by email. There are also public comment periods at each Planning Commission meeting and the opportunity for formal testimony at Planning Commission public hearings. Remember that they are your volunteer representatives on county land issues:

Department of Planning & Community Development

 EMAIL:    Planning Commission 
(For comments related to Planning Commission only)

PO Box 5000
Coupeville, WA 98239      
Telephone: 360-679-7339
Fax: 360-679-7306

Click here  for CPA Application forms

Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulation Review and Amendment Procedures (CPA):

As described in Island County Code (ICC) 16.26.010, a CPA establishes procedures pursuant to Chapter 36.70A. RCW, for the review and amendment of the Comprehensive Plan and implementing Development Regulations found in Titles 8, 13, 16, and 17 ICC. All amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations shall be approved by the Board of Island County Commissioners and proceed as a Type IV decision pursuant to Chapter 16.19 ICC.  

        Application must be received by August 1, for inclusion in the following year's Docket.

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