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​2017 Work Plan:  Annual Docket Item

Countywide Planning Policies (CWPP) Revisions


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status

Countywide Planning Policy Revisions (CWPPs)

DNS Issued Summer Adopted
July 11, 2017



Project Summary


During the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update process a number of items were identified for review and potential revisions, including policies that reference items that were changed or deleted as part of the 2016 update.  Revisions to the CWPPs are a part of the wrap-up of the 2016 update.


Goals & Objectives

Staff anticipates changes related to:

  • JPA criteria for incorporating land into the JPA
  • JPA revising overlay designations
  • Urban Growth Areas – language about evaluating UGA boundaries on a county-wide basis, per Dept of Commerce guidance
  • Adjust language related to allowed uses and appropriate zoning in the Urban Holding areas
  • Minor adjustments and clarifications to the methodology for population projections and buildable lands analysis
  • Deleting or modifying references to obsolete items (i.e. the Coupeville JPA, which was removed during the 2016 update) 


Completed To Date

County staff is working with planning staff from the Interjurisdictional Working Group to review for and draft potential revisions.  On Friday April 24, 2017 draft documents were send to Island County municipal jurisdictions for review and comment.

Staff has reviewed preliminary draft with the Board of Island County Commissioners and the Planning Commission (4/24/17). 

Comments have been recieved from the municipal jurisdictions regarding the draft documents and Planning Staff have provided responses. 

A SEPA determination of nonsignificance has been issued by the County on the proposed CWPP changes.


July 10 - Planning Commission Public Hearing

 July 11 - Board consideration of Planning Commission recommendation



Effective after ratification by the majority of the municipalities (scheduled for July & August 2017).

Project Updates

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  • Adopted Ordinance - July 2017 (pending ratification by the majority of municipalities)