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2017 Work Plan: Annual Docket Item

Housing Element Update


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Completion Date Status
Housing Element Update DNS Issued
October 2, 2018 Adopted

Project Completed - Adopted by BOCC 10/2/18



The Board of Island County Commissioners adopted the updated Housing Element at a public hearing October 2, 2018. This update replaces the current Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan in its entirety and will serve as a guiding document and resource for the County’s approach to housing.

The complete Ordinance C-97-18 can be viewed here: C-97-18   

Project Summary

Island County updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2016, including the Housing Element. However, the County desires to update the Comprehensive Plan’s Housing Element based on more in-depth study of the County’s existing housing conditions and a more comprehensive look at the County’s policy approach to housing. As a result, the Housing Element update will do more than just revise the County’s housing policies. It is an opportunity to better understand housing needs in the County, identify barriers to housing production and affordability, and create a strategy to address the variety of housing issues through a comprehensive and consistent approach.

The approach for the housing update is to focus on three important areas:
  • Understanding dynamics in the housing market.
  • Engaging the community on housing issues.
  • Delivering policy and implementation guidance to meet the county’s diverse needs.

The Housing Element update will be based on technical data and analysis to better understand the county’s housing conditions, identify key issues, and provide context for crafting appropriate policies and action to address those issues. 


The Housing Element update process is also an opportunity to engage in a community conversation about housing and housing needs within the County. Engagement with residents and other key stakeholders will allow the County to receive information about housing needs and opportunities to inform changes to policies and the creation of implementation actions. 


The final Housing Element document will need to serve as a guiding document and resource for the County’s approach to housing and actions that it will take to implement that approach. 

Completed To Date
Deliverables ​Document Link
Stakeholder Interview Summary Stakeholder Scan
​Baseline Review Baseline Review
Online Community Survey Results Community Housing Survey Results Final Report   
​Housing Needs Analysis Report Housing Needs Analysis
​Housing Assets and Challenges Memorandum Housing Assets and Challenges Memo
Draft Housing Element Goals and Policies​ Draft Goals and Policies
Department of Commerce Complete (no comments)

Determination of Non-Significance

SEPA Environmental Checklist 

Draft Housing Element Goals and Policies

​Community Meetings - Spring 2018
Draft Housing Element Draft Housing Element

Final Draft Element & Reasonable Measures Addendum for 8/27/18

Final Draft Element & Reasonable Measures Addendum for 9/10/18
​Final Public Outreach Memo IC Final Outreach Report

Final Public Comment Matrix for 9/10/18

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