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2017 Work Plan:  Development Regulation Update

Revisions to the Annual Docket Process
(ICC 16.26)


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Anticipated Completion Status
Code Revisions to 16.26,
Annual Docket Process
Exempt​ Spring

May 23, 2017


Project Summary


During the 2016 Comprehensive Plan update the County identified the need to update Island County Code related to the annual docket process. 

Each county and city planning under RCW 36.70A.040 shall include in its development regulations a procedure for plan or development regulation amendments. The Growth Management Act directs the creation of a process and procedures for amendments, and establishes the annual docket process (WAC 365.196.610(3) and 365.196.640(6). The specific process and procedures are left to the County to determine, but the amendments shall be docketed and considered on at least an annual basis, consistent with the provisions of RCW 36.70A.130.

WAC 365-196-640(a) states:

All proposed amendments to the comprehensive plan must be considered by the governing body concurrently and may not be considered more frequently than once every year, so that the cumulative effect of various proposals can be ascertained. If a county or city's final legislative action is taken in a subsequent calendar year, it may still be considered part of the prior year's docket so long as the consideration of the amendments occurred within the prior year's comprehensive plan amendment process.


Section 16.26 of the Island County Code addresses Comprehensive Plan/Development Regulation Review and Amendment Procedures. This section provides the schedule and procedures for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan in accordance with state law. The ordinance provides for the following. 

  • General procedures for amending the Comprehensive Plan
  • Procedures for submission of items to be placed on the annual docket
  • Items eligible for review and placement on the annual docket
  • Procedures and timelines for approving and implementing the annual docket 


Goals & Objectives

Revisions are primarily to revise the timeline of the application and review process, to allow more efficient coordination with the budget process and allow for a longer and more thorough review process.  This will change the application deadline from February 1st to August 1st of the prior year. 

The County will also consider some code updating/cleanups, including:

  • Provide additional clarity and consistency:
    • To have a process that is easily understood and consistently replicated
    • To be more consistent with best practices under the GMA
  • —Code Cleanup:  Expanded definitions, reorganization to keep similar content together, removal of unnecessary and/or outdated text


Completed to Date

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