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2019 Work Plan: Work Plan Item

Housing Element Implementation


Project Description Anticipated
SEPA Process
Completion Date Status
Housing Element Implementation TBD
TBD SEPA issued for ADU code Amendments

Update - SEPA Issued for ADU Code Amendments

Island County Planning has reprioritized efforts for the Housing Element Implementation for 2020. The focus will be to adopt amendments to the zoning code for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) before the end of the year. As a part of this process, the County has issued a Determination of Nonsignificance under teh State Environmental Policy Act for the proposed amendments. The public comment period associated with this determination will extend until December 2, 2020. Even after this speciic public comment period, Island County will continue to accept public comments on the proposed changes until the date of adoption. Below are the documents associated with the County's Detemination of Non-Significance.

SEPA Legal Notice

SEPA Determination of Non-Signifcance

SEPA Checklist

Draft Accessory Dwelling Unit Code Amendments 11.10.20


On October 2, 2018, the County adopted an updated Housing Element of the Island County Comprehensive Plan.  As part of the work for that project, an Implementation Plan was created that provides discrete tasks that Island County will pursue to implement the policies adopted in the Housing Element and address issues identified by the Housing Needs Analysis.  This Implementation Plan contains 7 actions that the County can take over the next 5 years.

Housing Code Audit

County staff has worked with an advisory group to brainstorm a list of potential code changes for further research and consideration.  This list is a brainstorming exercise only, and does not constitute a final list of code updates; some ideas may be dropped, changed, or added after further research.  

Research Topics

Farm Worker Housing

Farm Worker Housing Benchmark Study

Campgrounds and RV Parks
Island County Campground Benchmark Study
Boarding Homes
Boarding Houses Benchmark Study
Cluster Development
Density Bonus Program for Cluster Development in Island County
Current Cluster Program Outline and Examples
Example Point-Based Cluster Development Program
Presentation to the Planning Commission on Options for Adjusting Cluster Development Program

Next Steps 

Staff is preparing a complete underline-strikethrough draft of the proposed changes for review. 


Staff Contact

Project Updates

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