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Low Impact Development (LID) 

Here are some links to examples, how-to's and other helpful info and guidance. Some links may include information about programs that are available only to persons living in that community:

Directions and list of nearby LID uses that are accessible to the public:


Fort Nugent Park, Oak Harbor Parks & Rec, Fort Nugent Rd: 100% on-site

stormwater retention using bioswales, ponds with native plants,

& (due late 2007) a pervious concrete pathway to football field & beneath bleachers.

Harbor Station, mixed use commercial development, corner NE 7th & SR 20 (due in 2008):

Runoff directed into planted bioretention strips with under-drains, filters through plants &

topsoil,then into perforated pipe to underground retention area. On-site subsoils infiltrate

poorly,so stormwater must be piped off site, but LID systems will clean water & regulate



Coupeville High School, south of SR 20 at intersection of SE Main & Terry (new in 2007):

Water from paved areas flows through bioswales into vegetated detention pond. Property

is atop impermeable clay so on-site infiltration to groundwater not possible, but pond

provides irrigation, wildlife habitat, education & surge protection as stormwater runoff is

slowed, filtered & cleaned by plants and soil. Excess runoff is piped from pond into storm

drain system.


Bayview Corner Redevelopment, a project of Goosefoot; at corner of Bayview Rd &

Marshview, just off SR 525: Showcases multiple LID features, including porous concrete

parking areas & sidewalks; interlocking plastic grid (grass pave) parking area; walkway

using interplanted recycled concrete pavers; composting toilet (public restroom) with solar

power & rainwater collection for flushing; & reused building materials. Call or e-mail to

arrange personal tour: 360-321-4535, info@goosefoot.org.

Bayview High School: Rain garden & native plant restoration in historic schoolyard

captures roof runoff. Call South Whidbey School District for visitation info: 360-321-2343.

Clinton Beach, Port District of South Whidbey Island, adjacent to ferry landing: Vegetated

roof on picnic shelter; porous surfaces & native landscaping for stormwater infiltration.

For directions to "off-Island" examples, click here to download Island County's Guide to Clean Water.  Written especially for Whidbey and Camano Island residents, this free brochure includes nearby LID examples that are publicly accessible. Complete with driving directions ​see pages 11 and 12. For further information: Island County Planning and Community Development, Resource Enhancement Program, North&Central Whidbey, 360-678-5111 x6069 South Whidbey, 360-321-5111 x6069 Camano Island 360-629-4522 x6069

Other Helpful Links

Local sources for low impact building, paving and landscaping materials are increasing. Your local Conservation District usually has an updated listing. For Whidbey Islanders: www.whidbeycd.org For Camano Islanders: www.snohomishcd.org

List of local sources for Compost/Soil/Mulch Mix, and other LID suppliers, designers and helpful ideas - from Whidbey Island Conservation District

Check with your local lumber yards, hardware stores, contractors, plant nurseries, landscape services and others who are familiar with low impact techniques.

Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners - Raingardens, free guide, with easy to follow instructions and illustrations

RAIN GARDEN network, includes designs and how to calculate the size of your garden


Certification program designed to help builders, remodelers, and homebuyers

SICBA ( Skagit Island County Builders Association) (360) 757-6916 

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING (a program of Seattle Public Utilities, with good tips for homeowners everywhere) 

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design TM a program of the US Green Building Council 

LID in BELLINGHAM WA , examples and locations, sponsored by City of Bellingham 

LID MANUAL Technical Guidance Manual to Low Impact Development sponsored by Puget Sound Partnership's predecessor, and WSU Pierce County Extension Service schematics, details, materials lists and more

LIST OF RESOURCES AND SOME HOW-TO's compiled by Puget Sound Partnership

LID CLEARINGHOUSE site maintained by US EPA contains fact sheets, designs, guidance materials