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Island County > Public Works > Clean Water Utility

Island County's Clean Water Utility

On December 20, 2010 the Board of Island County Commissioners adopted the Clean Water Utility to address concerns related to water quantity and quality in Island County.  Through the utility, the county will collect fees from property owners to fund specific surface water and ground water programs.

Geographic Boundaries

The Clean Water Utility encompasses all of Island County, except:

  • Properties within the corporate limits of Oak Harbor, Langley, and Coupeville
  • Properties within the Marshall Drainage Basin Utility
  • Properties owned by the Federal Government, the State and the County


  • Rainwater harvesting projects for commercial development receive a 10% reduction
  • Forest and timber lands under RCW 84.33 and 84.34 are exempt



  • 50% reduction for property owners who qualify for a senior citizen/disabled person low income tax credit
    • 50% reduction for commercial properties for the first three years of the utility
  • Rate adjustment for commercial or industrial activities using mitigation available upon application

More Information

Programs - A table showing the programs that the utility will fund.

Documents - Ordinances, exhibits, whereases, and related documents

Maps - Various visualizations used during the adoption process.

Brochure - Describes the purpose, process, and programs relating to the Clean Water Utility ​

If you have any questions or comments regarding the utility,
please contact Island County Public Works
360 679 7331