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Island County > Public Works > Clean Water Utility Programs

Clean Water Utility - Programs

Program elements included in the Clean Water Utility:




Stormwater Drainage​

This Publi​​c Works program will work on the installation and/or repair of drainage projects outside the right-of-way.



This Public Works program will coordinate drainage projects on a watershed scale related to the surface and stormwater program.

4.5 %

Low Impact

This Public Works program will implement LID in the County Code and the Stormwater Manual, and assist with review of LID development.

4.5 %

Surface Water Quality Monitoring

This Public Health program will continue baseline monitoring in 24 watersheds annually, evaluating data, and determining pollution sources.

12 %


This Public Health program will monitor and evaluate groundwater and evaluate new development with potential impacts to  groundwater resources.

9 %

On-Site Sewage

This Public Health program will continue to ensure that septic systems are constructed and maintained properly, with follow-up on complaints and failures.

13 %

Salmon Recovery 

This Public Health program will continue to promote habitat restoration and preservation projects.

2 %

Shellfish Protection

This Public Health program will maintain safe recreational shellfish harvesting and work to open beaches currently closed to harvest. 

3 %

Code Compliance

This Planning and Community Department program  will enforce code compliance issues specifically related to critical areas.

6 %


The Assessors, Treasurers, and Auditors departments all have roles in administrating the Clean Water Utility.

4 %