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Doing Business With Island County Public Works

For current requests for proposals, calls for bids, and other business opportunities, please visit the county's QuestCDN bid management page.

Master Plan - Final Report 

Facilities Master Plan 2016-2036 (Final Report)  

​To receive updates please contact Island County Public Works at (360) 679-7331

Doing Business with Island County

What Island County Buys

The demand generated by the various County Departments and Agencies results in a continual need for Island County to purchase goods, services, and construction support of every description. The procedures that the County must follow in order to make these purchases are outlined in the following documents:

  • ICC 2.29 Service Contracts
  • ICC 2.30A Purchases, Leases, and Public Works Contracts
  • Purchases and Contracts Authority Schedule

These documents are available at Island County Public Works. 

Chances are that the County is in the market for what you sell!

Purchase of Goods

Island County maintains a roster of vendors who are interested in selling their products to Island County. Getting on the list is easy but keep in mind that's only the first step: follow-up is your responsibility. Having your name on the list is not a guarantee of purchase. The vendor process is used for purchases of $25,000 or less.


By being listed on the Small Works Roster you will be considered whenever work is available and when the County needs to obtain competitive bids via departmental and alternate bid form. Small Works Projects have a maximum dollar amount of $300,000. Regulations for bidding /soliciting quotes are different depending upon the purchase, amount and funding source of a project, so you are encouraged to call if you have any doubt about the project requirements or whether you are being considered. Again, this list is not a guarantee of work but an opportunity to promote your business to the County. Invitations for quotations are generally sent to at least 5 contractors whenever 5 are available.


The County is not required by law to maintain a list of service providers; however, you are encouraged to notify the county of your interest and of the type of service you provide. The county may contract for services under $25,000 without competitive bids.

Architectural and Engineering Services

Annually, the County advertises for Architectural /Engineering Services. Please watch the legal notices for these ads which normally occur in November and December.


DO NOT bid if you cannot deliver the goods or services required under the terms and conditions of the bid.

SUBMIT A "NO BID" (i.e. notify the County in writing that you do not wish to bid) if your firm was provided an opportunity to bid.

To be considered for Small Works Projects:

Complete a Small Works Roster application form. Attend training seminars when available. Follow-up with County Staff, especially the contact people listed on the calendar. Read the newspapers. When an informal bid project is available, quotes are usually secured. Be prepared by knowing the conditions that apply to Public Works Projects and the County Insurance Requirements. Familiarize yourself with the Small Works Roster Checklist used by Island County Public Works employees in charge of a project. You may need a performance bond or other form of surety. You will need a Contractor and/or Business License.

To find out if you are on the Small Works or Consultants Roster:

Call (360) 679-7331 or send an email​.



Calls for Bids


None open at this time.

 Also check QuestCDN