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Properly maintained roadsides are important for the safety of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Island County's roadside vegetation management work helps keep our roadways clear of obstructions, reduces fire danger, optimizes storm water drainage, helps control noxious weeds and non-native plants, and promotes native plant growth. A clear right-of-way also helps drivers see animals in advance of crossing the roads.

Throughout the year, crews mow, cut brush and trim trees along roads. Crews also clear fallen trees and branches during and following inclement weather, such as windstorms.

During seasonal road work, drivers can expect single lane closures, heavy loud equipment and occasional traffic delays along roads that are being worked on.

Landscaping Along County Roads

The area next to the roadways needs to be clear of vegetation and landscaping that obstructs the view of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. It also needs to be clear of obstructions that may impede or impair the ability to maintain the road.

If you are landscaping near the edge of a roadway, please be aware of the right-of-way. Landscaping should not encroach into ditches, shoulders or the traveled way.

If you are unsure where the right-of-way is located, you may contact a licensed land surveyor at your expense. You may also view our Island County mapping center on this website for a general idea of where the right-of-way boundary typically falls.