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Human Services Transportation Planning

Special Need Transportation Planning Project

Many people lack equal access to essential transportation, including: veterans, low income individuals, youth, elderly, people with mental or physical disabilities and those with language barriers.  

Transportation access means having the ability to get to and from: work, school, recreation, family, stores, events, pharmacies, medical appointments and other essential services.

Members of the Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization (IRTPO) are working together to make transportation more accessible both within Island County and between neighboring regions.

For this project we want to hear from:

  • People with special transportation needs

  • Health care specialists

  • Transportation service providers

  • Organizations that serve special needs populations 

CPT - HSTP Appendices

CPT-HSTP Comment Form

Please email all comments to Benjamin.jones@islandcountywa.gov, or mail to 

1 NE Sixth St Coupeville, WA 98239