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Island County > Public Works > Roads > Planning for Transportation > Island Vehicle Electrification Study!

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The Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization (IRTPO) has been working with a consultant team to collect information and study needs and opportunities for creating infrastructure to support vehicle electrification in the region.

Our consultant interviewed the County, cities and town, parks districts, school districts, NAS Whidbey, and other entities to determine the size of their existing fleets and provide a general overview of when it is most economical to convert existing gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. The discussion included charging infrastructure needs and cost comparisons.

Last fall, hundreds of Island County residents responded to a survey about electric vehicle usage and  public charging station needs. One of the primary reasons listed for not owning an electric vehicle was concern with availability of charging. These survey respondents also identified locations they thought charging stations would be most useful. 

Project deliverables include:

The project team will provide a final presentation to the IRTPO Executive Board at the regular meeting on March 24th. Information about the meeting and copies of the draft documents can be found at: https://www.islandcountywa.gov/PublicWorks/Roads/Planning/Pages/Itpominutesandagendas.aspx
As always, IRTPO meetings are open to the public.

Plug-Share is a great resource to find charging stations around the country:  Plug Share Website of Charging Stations

This page will be updated periodically, as more information is available.