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​IRTPO Structure & Function 

The Island RTPO is made up of a decision making body and two advisory committees. The strcuture and function of each are as follows:

  • Executive Board - The board is responsible for policy decisions and funding allocations. The board consists of representatives of each voting jurisdiction (ten), as well as one non-voting  member and three ex-officio non-voting members.

  • Technical Advisory Committee - This committee considers proposed regional transportion policy, recommends grant awards and discusses regional transportation issues. The committee is made up of agency staff from voting jurisdictions, staff representing non-voting Executive Board members, and also includes three citizen representatives.

  • Human Services Transportation Planning Committee - This committee identifies transportation challenges facing individuals with special needs and considers opportunties for providing transportation options to elderly, youth, disabled, low income, veteran and other special needs populations. Committee members are stakeholders and professionals representing a variety of human services backgrounds. This committee also actively seeks public input, especially from individuals of affected populations.

IRTPO Executive Board Members

Voting Members (Elected Officials)

Island County

3 County Commissioners


District 1 Melanie Bacon (Chair)
District 2 Jill Johnson 
District 3 Janet St. Clair

Cities / Towns

1 Mayor from each City / Town


City of Oak Harbor​​ Bob Severns
City of Langley Tim Callison (VIce Chair)​
Town of Coupeville Molly Hughes


1 Port Commissioner from each Port District 

Port of Coupeville​       ​Mohammad Mostafavinassab
Port of South Whidbey      ​Curt Gordon

Public Transit

PTBA Board Member

Island Transit​​         ​Todd Morrow

State Highways

1 WSDOT Official involved in highways 

Todd Carlson 

Non-Voting Members

Naval Air Station

1 Official from NAS Whidbey

​Brian Tyhuis


Non-Voting Members (ex-officio) 

10th District Members of Washington Senate

1 Senator 

Ron Muzzall

10th District Members of Washington House of Representatives

2 House of Representative Members  

Norma Smith
Dave Paul

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