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Washington's Regional Transportation Planning Organizations  

RTPO’s are voluntary organizations of local governments for the purpose of coordinating transportation planning. There are fifteen RTPO’s in Washington State (map) and each must conform to statutory requirements. 

The authority to form Regional Transportation Planning Organizations was established in 1990 as part of the Growth Management Act.  RTPO’s develop regional transportation plans and Regional Transportation Improvement Programs (RTIPs) and participate in statewide multimodal transportation planning efforts.

Island RTPO Background

Island RTPO was established in September 2016, but the organization has a much longer history. In 1991 Skagit and Island Counties established the Skagit/Island RTPO (SIRTPO), however the organization dissolved on July 23, 2015. In February 2016, The Island Transportation Planning Organization (ITPO) was formed as an alternative to the former SIRTPO. Although not an an official RTPO, the ITPO was structurally and functionally very similar to the prior organization.

Founding Resolution

Amended Founding Resolution - September 2020


Bylaws - Original Signature Page

Island RTPO Structure

The Island RTPO includes a voting Executive Board, a Technical Advisory Committee, and a Human Services Transportation Planning Committee. IRTPO policy making and planning is a truly collaborative effort between elected officials, agency staff, citizen representatives and human services professionals.

For more information on RTPO's in Washington, please visit WSDOT's Regional Transportation Planning webpage at:


Unified Planning Work Program

The IRTPO adopts a two-year work program and budget that includes information about regional coordination, regional plans and project priorities, and details of state and federal funding. The most recent UPWP can be found here:

 Unified Planning Work Program for State Fiscal Years 2022-2023