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Public Works ADA Goal

Island County Public Works understands the important role it plays in providing tangible and meaningful equal access for persons with disabilities in their communities. In accordance with 28 CFR§35.150(d), Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Island County Public Works has created this ADA Transition Plan. This document provides a programmatic plan on how Island County Public Works will remove accessibility barriers from pedestrian facilities within Island County Public Works control. This transition plan addresses all ADA Facilities within our public right-of-way, including pedestrian ramps, pedestrian signals, crosswalks, sidewalks and independent shared use paths. Island County Public Works goal in implementing this transition plan is to become fully compliant with its ADA Facilities by providing barrier free pedestrian accessibility.

In order to achieve this goal, Island County Public Works will rely upon and expand our partnerships with the disability community and other neighboring counties and state agencies that have common interests with us in addressing accessibility needs. Island County Public Works is driven to achieve its obligations under ADA Title II and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to provide equal access for all who use Island County Public Works right-of-way facilities.

ICPW ADA Transition Plan

Public Works Department has been working hard analyzing our Inventory, self-evaluation data, and public input. We're proud to have completed our 2019 ADA Transition Plan for public right-of-way. With the standards changing rapidly this ADA transition plan provides a living document for the removal of access barriers. Please complete the ADA transition plan survey that is available in the link below.

ADA Transition Plan Survey

ADA  Inventory and Self-Evaluation

Public Works Department conducted an ADA inventory and self-evaluation of its pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way, to fulfill its compliance with federal, state, and local government requirements. The inventory and self-evaluation data is available within the ADA transition plan document.

Go to the Island County ADA Facilities Web Map

Download the ADA Facilities Inventory Map (PDF)

ADA Concerns

Island County Public Works strives to make the ADA complaints & concerns procedure as easy as possible by using the Service Request App on the ICPW web page. The Service Request Application allows users to submit concerns or observations to Island County staff. 

Service Request App

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Eric Oswald

ADA Coordinator
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