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Island County > Public Works > Solid Waste > Bayview Solid Waste Dropbox & Recycle Park

​Bayview Solid Waste Dropbox
& Recycle Park


5790 S Kramer Road, Langley


Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Wednesday 9:30 to 5:00    


(360) 321-4505   


We accept cash or checks only. Make checks payable to Island County Solid Waste or ICSW. 
A service fee of $40.00 will be charged for returned checks.

First Can or Bag of Trash ​$11.00
​Each Additional Can/Bag ​​$3.50
​Unsecured Load Fee ​$5.00
​Maximum size: 4 feet in any dimension
Rates are based upon a 32 gallon can or bag, about 40-50 pounds each. 
Loose loads will be interpreted to accommodate the "per can" fee.
​Rates include a Base Fee of $7.24 per vehicle and a 3.6% Washington Refuse Tax.

Construction, Demo, Metal, Yard Waste & Large Items

Very limited quantities of construction, demo, metal, and yard waste are accepted at this site.  We cannot accept items greater than 4 feet in length.  Attendants may refer these types of material to the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex or suggest other disposal options


Aluminum:  Rinse cans, clean foil and pans

Batteries:  Tape exposed terminals on dry cell batteries

Cardboard:  Flattened corrugated cardboard, clean pizza boxes, brown paper bags

Cell Phones:  Place in plastic bag and recycle with household batteries

Clothing:  Place in the blue Northwest Center container

Glass Bottles & Jars:  Rinse & remove lids, sort by color

Mixed Paper:  Magazines, catalogs, flattened box board (e.g., cereal & soda boxes), junk mail, phone books, egg cartons, office paper, wrapping paper, glue bound paperback books, shredded paper (in bags to keep them contained)                                                        

Newspaper:  Newspapers and inserts, news print flyers and publications, news print packing paper

Oil, Motor or Cooking:  See attendant

Plastic:  #1 and #2 Bottles, Tubs, Jugs & Jars ONLY. Rinse and remove caps/lids.

Steel Cans:  Rinse and remove label

The following items we do NOT accept for recycling: Paper plates, paper towels, juice boxes, paper milk cartons, waxed cardboard, dirty cardboard, toilet tissue, facial tissue, plastic lids, ribbon, plastic hangers, crinkly plastics, deli containers, meat trays, plastic bags, Styrofoam, light bulbs, mirrors, dishes, window glass or drinking glasses

See our Recycling Brochure for a complete list of accepted recyclables.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is accepted free of charge.  Antifreeze, gasoline, oil-based paints, fertilizers, pesticides, acids, bases, fluorescent bulbs, lead, PBC ballasts, propane tanks, mercury devices, etc.  Notify the site attendant if you have hazardous waste, large quantities of Household Hazardous wastes may be referred to the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex.

See our Household Hazardous Waste Brochure.

Latex/Acrylic Paint

Latex/acrylic paint is accepted as household garbage when thickened to a non-pourable consistency.  Attendant may refer large quantities to the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex.  Notify the site attendant if you have any paint. For additional information, click here.

This facility is for ISLAND COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY.  Acceptance of waste at this facility is dependent upon space available.

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