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Island County > Public Works > Solid Waste > Camano Transfer Station

Camano Transfer Station


75 E Camano Hill Road, Camano Island    


Daily 9:30 to 5:00    


(360) 387-9696


We accept cash or checks only. Make checks payable to Island County Solid Waste or ICSW. 
A service fee of $40.00 will be charged for returned checks.

​Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) ​$115.00 per ton
​Yard Waste ​$80.00 per ton
​Construction/Demo/Bulky ​$136.00 per ton
​Hard to Handle Waste (over 6 ft.) ​$170.00 per ton
​Appliances ​$22.50 each
​Tires, passenger/light truck ​$7.50 each
​Tires, tractor ​$115.00 per ton
​Unsecured Load Fee ​$5.00/$10.00
​Base Fee ​$7.24
Washington Refuse Tax ​3.6%

​​Minimum Charge: $11.00 for the first 50 pounds, includes base fee and refuse tax
Rates are rounded up to the next $0.50
Tonnage rates are pro-rated

Mixed Recycling

Eliminating contaminants in mixed recycling reduces costs and ensures items placed into recycling are recovered to the greatest extent possible.


Cardboard (flattened), paper bags, newspaper, office papers, cards, calendars, phonebooks, paperback books, wrapping paper (non-foil, no ribbons or bows), magazines, mail, stationary, envelopes, boxboard (cereal boxes), packing paper, paper egg cartons, formed paper packaging, catalogs, clean napkins, clean paper towels, frozen food boxes, poly-coated gable top cartons (milk & juice cartons) and aseptic/tetra pak cartons (soup, juice, broth cartons).

NO food or other contaminates, shredded paper (okay for compost), disposable diapers, paper plates, waxed cardboard (produce boxes), paper cups, tissue paper, foil wrapping paper, ribbons or bows.


Bottles, jars & jugs (food, detergent, shampoo, vitamins, etc.),  food tubs, (yogurt, cream cheese, etc), 5-gallon buckets and plant pots. Empty & rinse.

NO lids or caps, film plastics (bags, stretch wrap, visqueen), trays (deli & bakery), plastic take-out containers, Rx pill bottles, cups, plates, utensils, PVC pipe, clamshells, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, rigid plastic (molded plastic products, toys, laundry baskets, lawn furniture, etc.), toxic product containers, Tupperware or thermoform packaging (clear and opaque plastic packaging).

Tin & Aluminum:

Cans, foil and trays.  Empty & rinse.

NO food or other contaminates. NO foil pouches (food & juice).


yes.jpgBottles & jars. Empty and rinse.

no.jpgNO lids or caps. NO ceramics, windows, mirrors, drinking glasses, Pyrex, ovenware, light bulbs, vases, tempered glass or crystal.

Aerosol Cans:

yes.jpgEmpty aerosol cans.
no.jpgAerosol cans that contained a toxic product.

 See our Camano Mixed-Waste Recycling Brochure

See Attendant Before Recycling These Items  

yes.jpgE-Cycle: Televisions, monitors, computers, laptops, tablets, portable DVD players and eReaders, please see attendant before unloading.  Staff can not unload your E-cylce...bring a friend! 

Batteries:  Tape exposed terminals on dry cell batteries.

Cell Phones:  Place in plastic bag and recycle with household batteries.

Clothing:  Place in the blue Northwest Center container.

Oil, Motor or Cooking

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is accepted free of charge.  antifreeze, gasoline, oil-based paints, fertilizers, pesticides, acids, bases, fluorescent bulbs, lead,  PBC ballasts, propane tanks, mercury devices, etc.  Notify a site attendant if you have hazardous waste.

See our Household Hazardous Waste Brochure.

Business Hazardous Waste

Call (360) 629-4522 ext. 7386 for an appointment, be sure to mention that you are calling from Camano Island.   

Latex/Acrylic Paint

Latex/acrylic paint is accepted as household garbage when thickened to a non-pourable consistency. Notify the site attendant if you have any paint. For additional information, click here

This facility is for ISLAND COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY.  Acceptance of waste at this facility is dependent upon space available.

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