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Construction & Demolition Debris

Save by Knowing How it Works…

Mixed Construction & Demolition wastes are accepted at the County’s Coupeville Solid Waste Complex and Camano Trasfer Station for $136/ton when rigid items are less than 6 feet in any dimension. Loads with rigid items over 6 feet are charged at $170/ton. Per vehicle base fee and tax apply.

Scrap Metals & Non-Refrigerating Appliances

Scrap metal are accepted at the regular trash disposal rate of $115/ton. Appliances are accepted a $22.50 each at the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex and Camano Transfer Station only.

Refrigerating Appliances

Refrigerants are powerful greenhouse gasses, and some are powerful ozone layer destroyers …Freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, and refrigerators must be recycled at the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex or the Camano Transfer Station for certified refrigerant recovery. $22.50 each.

Container Service

Whidbey Island: Island Disposal, (360) 678-5701 or (360) 321-133

Camano Island: Waste Management, 800-592-9995


Sheetrock is accepted for disposal at the Coupeville Solid Waste Complex and the Camano Island Transfer Station.

Dedicated sheetrock loads are charged at the regular solid waste rate of $115/ton. Sheetrock mixed with other construction/demolition debris less than 6 feet in dimension is charged at the Construction/Demolition rate of $136/ton, and sheetrock mixed with other construction/demolition debris greater than 6 feet in dimension is charged at the Hard To Handle rate of $170/ton.


TIP! Save Money and use private sector businesses for metal, yard waste, concrete, non-refrigerating appliances and clean fill.

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