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Public Invited to Participate in Update to the Solid Waste Management Plan


Island County Solid Waste has selected Green Solutions to assist with the update of the Solid Waste and Moderate-Risk Waste Management Plan. Under Washington State law, all counties and cities must develop a plan that provides a framework for the management of community generated solid and hazardous waste. Several elements are mandated for inclusion within the plans such as the identification of disposal facilities to accommodate a 20-year planning period, waste reduction and recycling goals, proper hazardous material handling, and the funding mechanism for the jurisdiction's overall management systems.

Jurisdictions are required to review plans every five years. If amendments are needed because of changes in law or policy, a revision process is initiated beginning with the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. Public meetings ensure interested groups and citizens have an opportunity to provide input on the solid waste plan, and more importantly, to propose changes. After the public comment period concludes, the plan is revised to incorporate suggested changes. It is then forwarded to the Island County Board of Commissioners for adoption and routed to each participating municipality. The Department of Ecology receives the final plan after all participants have approved the solid waste documents.

Although each community is required to maintain a plan for solid and hazardous waste, state law allows the flexibility to develop plans jointly with other communities. Historically, Cities and Towns of Island County have exercised their option under state law to participate in a joint county/municipality integrated solid and hazardous waste management programs. This collaborative effort resulted in the creation of the current Island County Solid Waste and Moderate-Risk Waste Management Plan, which is now being updated. The current plan can be found here.

The public is invited to participate in the Solid Waste Plan update by attending the Island County Solid Waste Advisory Committee meetings which are the 3rd Friday of each month through the end of 2018 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm at the Commissioner's Hearing Room located in the Annex Building 1 NE 6th Street in Coupeville. For more information, please contact Joantha Guthrie with Island County Solid Waste at 360-679-7338 or joanthag@co.island.wa.us.

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